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FilAm cop in dire need of bone marrow transplant Image: Matthew Medina, husband and father of two

LOS ANGELES – The Los AngelesPolice Relief and Assistance Foundation’s Blue Ribbon Trust Fund has requestedthe Los Angeles Police Federal Credit Union here to open a donation account in supportof seven-year LAPD veteran Matthew Medina, 40.
Matthew, who is deployed in the Gang Unit of the Los Angeles PoliceDept. Harbor Division, visited his doctor in March, because of a rash and foundout he was suffering from a rare blood disorder known as aplastic anemia. He wastold his bone marrow had stopped working and a transplant is crucial for him tosurvive. In the meantime, blood transfusions keep Matthew alive, according toDr. Len Farol, a bone marrow transplant specialist at City of Hope NationalMedical Center in Duarte, CA.
Helping Matthew find amatch is the Asians for Miracle Marrow Matches, a nonprofit organization, whichfocuses on recruiting marrow donors and diversifying the ‘Be The Match Registry,’which is operated by the National Marrow Donor Program, another nonprofitorganization dedicated to creating an opportunity for all patients to receivethe bone marrow they need. The Be The Match is the largest and most diversedonor registry in the world. Its partnership with international and cooperativeregistries provides doctors with access to nearly 27 million potential donorsand more than 680,000 cord blood units worldwide. It is the connection betweenpatients searching for a cure and life-saving bone marrow donors.
There is a higherpercentage of finding a match when patient and donor come from the same ethnicbackground so Matthew needs a donor who shares his Filipino heritage; but accordingto A3M, Filipinos make up only half percent of registered potential donors. Themajority of the 25 million registered donors nationwide are white. The search for a match continues.
Matthew and his wifeAngelee Jader Medina, who reside in Bellflower, CA, with their two daughters, are overwhelmed with all the support they are gettingthroughout Southern California. Matthew can’t attend all the bone marrow drivesthough because of his weakened immune system. Exposure to a common virus couldkill him.
An FB message fromMatthew posted in July (the latest) reads in part: “I just wanted to take thistime to give a brief update on my condition. What’s been approximately 4 monthssince diagnosis has felt like an eternity. Truth be told, the only reason I wasable to stay sane and positive throughout this entire ordeal was due to theoverwhelming support, prayers and love I received from everyone… To everyonewho has supported my family to make sure we were comfortable in this time ofneed, I will be eternally grateful. If I were to list everyone individually, Idon’t think the names would fit on this page, but nevertheless, you know whoyou are and I owe you a debt of gratitude. I’d also like to thank the LordJesus Christ because without him, none of this would have been possible… TheMatch4Matt campaign has been amazing, to say the least, thanks to the effortsof the A3M team, volunteers and hosts… Thiscampaign is probably one of the busiest they’ve had to take on in a long time…two people have found their match and have gone through their marrowtransplant. Even if they never find a match for me, I can say that thiscampaign has been a success since it has already helped save the lives of atleast two people (so far)…
“As for me, thetreatments that I went through since being diagnosed are showing positiveresults so far. My blood cell counts have gradually increased and we are hopingthat the upward trend continues towards remission. I am not out of the woodsyet and there is still a long road to recovery ahead, but the proverbial lightat the end of the tunnel is definitely getting brighter. At the very least, Iam hoping it helps me to recover to live a ‘normal’ life again….”
Credit Union members may donate online through PATROL Online Banking, or by phone using CODE 3 phone system at 877-MY-LAPFCU (877-695-2732). Enter account number 2080491 S4.11 and LOS (the first three letters of the account name).
Donors may also mail in their donation, payable to “Blue Ribbon Trust for Matthew Medina,” and send it to: Los Angeles Police Federal Credit Union, Attn: Blue Ribbon Matthew Medina, P.O. Box 10188, Van Nuys, CA 91410.
Please join the registry today and you could save someone’s life. There are ongoing campaigns in search of a match. Find out more about the drives in Matthew’s Match4Matt Facebook page. Register at If you know of any events where A3M can hold a bone marrow drive, please contact Chris Chen via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; call toll free: (888) A3M-HOPE (236-4673) or (213) 625-2802.

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