Top food park grubs at The Yard Featured

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Top food park grubs at The Yard


Here's top 5 best food grub finds at The Yard paired well with Andy Cola! Photo by James Miguel

MANILA, Philippines — together with the Zomato foodies once again invaded a new city! This time, we went to Quezon City, and headed to one of their most popular food parks called The Yard.

Food parks are now the hippest spots for food-lovers and adventurers. We say au revoir to the days where one has to choose a specific cuisine to savor. Now in just one stop, there’s a wide range of specialty dishes made to satisfy cravings.

The Yard has several stalls that serve bar chows, made for millennials to chat and bond the night away. The perfect alcoholic drink we found at The Yard at Xavierville is Andy Cola, a drink that paired well with almost all of our food-park finds.

We are listing the top 5 best food grub finds at The Yard which paired well with our favorite alcoholic drink, Andy Cola!

Bacon Avenue

Burgers are always a good idea. But when you pair it with alcohol, it gets even better. Complement Burger Avenue’s Bacon Mushroom and Cheese Overload with a cold bottle of Andy Cola. Trust us, this was a kick-ass combo.


Konnichiwa! Takami took us straight to the to the streets of Japan – serving Gyoza and Okonomiyaki with a modern twist. An unusally good pair with Andy Cola was Takami’s Gyozas - choose from Buffalo Chicken Gyoza or Beef Bulgogi Gyoza and down it with Andy Cola!

Squid Goals

With a sea of choices available in the Food Park, Squid Goals’ Giant Squid is a crowd favorite that’s hard to pass up. This instant hit has been making waves lately! Pair it with Andy Cola for perfection!


Of course, how can we miss Puluts? Alcohol is extra divine with pulutan. Puluts has redefined the Filipino Street Food, offering Pork Sisig with a twist, Crispy Kawali Pansit and the Pika Platter. Make these dishes a drinking Staple with your Andy Cola!

All About Fry Day

Visiting Food Parks with friends is all about celebrating all the hard work of the week! Indeed, celebrate Fridays with their Blooming Fries and Andy Cola.

Visiting The Yard soon? Don’t forget to pair your favorite food park find with Andy Cola!

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