DACA demands by White House show no real intention to extend Featured

DACA demands by White  House show no real intention to extend

Question: I just got my
> DACA extended, but I have heard that Trump now is making all
> kinds of demands.
> Is that true?
> Answer: Yes, that is
> true. Those who favor lower levels of
> immigration have been effusive in their praise. Immigrant
> rights activists are
> outraged.
> Question: But I remember a few weeks ago
> when the president seemed to be closing in on an immigration
> deal with, as he
> said at the time, Chuck and Nancy? A few Trump's
> supporters were so angry they
> protested by lighting their Make America Great Again
> baseball hats on fire and
> posting the videos online. Immigration hardliners found much
> to like in the
> White House list. President Trump on Sunday sent Congress a
> list of sweeping
> immigration changes he says "must be included as part
> of any legislation
> addressing the status of Deferred Action for Childhood
> Arrivals (DACA)
> recipients." Of course, this goes completely against
> what was previously
> stated. Basically, Trump wants the border wall he campaigned
> on to be built, a
> crackdown on illegal immigration and to switch the U.S.
> legal immigration
> system from one that prioritizes family connections to one
> based on merit.
> Answer: Correct. So, the reality is that the Democrats and
> Immigration Advocates
> will never ever agree to this. Thus, you need to start
> thinking about other
> options than DACA. Some other options could be the U Visa if
> you are a victim
> of crime, or the VAWA petition if you are a victim of
> domestic violence.
> Alternatively, you could think about employment based visas
> if you have a
> company willing to petition you. Also, if you are married to
> a resident or
> citizen and qualify, you could do Consulate Processing with
> a Provisional
> Waiver.
> Question: So, there are options which I
> might qualify for under Immigration Law?
> Answer: Yes. However, each case is different and you will
> need to have a
> consultation from an immigration attorney to determine the
> best possible way to
> proceed forward. Do not wait until your DACA completely
> expires to move forward
> as you have an opportunity now to be safe and get the real
> petition for your
> eventual residency started.
> Question: Is there a safer place to live
> at the present time?
> Answer:
> Well, California just passed laws which make California a
> sanctuary State
> against the harsh Trump policies. Thus, if you’re not
> living in California, you
> might want to consider moving there as there are significant
> protections
> against Trump’s hunt to deport everyone he
> can.

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