Memories of Philippine Christmas: Pasko Na Naman2 Featured

Memories of Philippine Christmas: Pasko Na Naman2
Los Angeles, CA – As Advent season approaches, the Federation of Filipino Rosary Groups will bring ‘Christmas in the Philippines’ through a music and dance presentation of “Pasko Na Naman 2/Salo-salo at Pagdiriwang!” on Saturday, 4 p.m.December 3, at Glendale Civic Auditorium, 1401 N. Verdugo Rd., Glendale, CA 91208.  The show will start with “Panunuluyan” which will show the journey of the Blessed Mother and St. Joseph searching for an inn to stay prior to the Birth of Our Lord. 
Main performers include:  Monique Magpayo, Kurt Winterhalter, Malaya Filipino American Dance Arts, Rondalla Club of Los Angeles and St Lorenzo Ruiz Parish Choir. A surprise number will be presented as well.  Ticket price:  $45 per person which includes a show, a merienda and raffle.  The show promises to be fun and is family-oriented.   Come and join us!  Part of the proceeds will go to Channel of Charity, feeding programs in Bataan and Manila, St. John Seminary Immersion Program and FFRG projects.
The Philippine Christmas season is the longest in the world. In mid-October, Christmas carols, both religious and contemporary, fill the air-waves. Shops in big cities announce pre-Christmas sale of items that will bring joy to each and every member of the family.  Christmas is a time for gifting friends. Thus, much thought is given so that the receiver of a gift may find that there is a bigger message behind the gift. That message connects them to our Lord Jesus Christ as the best gift ever.
In the Philippines, Christmas is the most celebrated time of the year. People set aside their differences and focus on the goodness of every person. In the midst of challenges and sufferings, people try to make peace with themselves, they become other-centered. By the first week of December, paroles (Christmas paper lanterns) make their grand appearance. Soon, they are seen in every widow, in cars and jeepneys. Lantern contests are held everywhere, adding to the light and color of a city decorated for a joyful Christmas.
“As we come closer to Christmas, I would like to reflect on how my family will celebrate this year,” says Justine Bugarin, an international business student. “I often think that challenges come to make us strong in the midst of a world that is filled with sorrow.  Every time I turn on the television and listen to commentators, I feel exhausted emotionally at the end of a segment for there is always news of doom and gloom,” she laments. “The only way we can face negativity is to simply choose what is joyful and life-giving and what better way to fight negativity than to focus on the goodness of God,” she said.
“Our goal is to reach out to as many faith communities as possible for this show is about our customs and tradition that enrich our lives, that define us as a people,” says Carol Evangelista, acting president of the Federation of Filipino Rosary Groups. “We truly appreciate the generosity of Filipinos who care about others and take time to be a support for one another.  Each one of us is a piece that completes a beautiful puzzle,” Carol added. “A better expression of such beauty is by making our cultural tradition visible and experienced. We have a mission to evangelize by using our God-given gifts, and we are accommodated by many talented artists.”
For ticket and souvenir program information:   Tess Domingo  and Carol Evangelista . Your souvenir ad contribution is tax-deductible.  Please call the soonest.  
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