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Caregiving, a Thought for our Loved Ones

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In every person's life comes the time where the parent-child roles reverse , where those who have nurtured and loved and helped us selflessly would need our help once their time of physical /mental incapacity sets in , A time where age comes and starts knocking, But many instances that even the best meaning child who in this day and age of high pressure work and instant demanding hours can not cope with being there for their parent 24/7 would feel that the situation is like moving mountains.

Thankfully various homecare services are readily available but are they right for you?

As worrisome as it is , choosing the right caregiver is critical to the happinese and longevity of your parents, a common trend now seems to favor many "in-home" caregiving service where in the chosen caregiver takes care of your folks in your own or their own home environment, many favor this as the elderly are more familiar with their soroundings and makes the process more natural.

Today we speak with one of Hayward's more reputable Inhome care Agencies ; Best Home Health Providers in Hayward headed by Mr. Mike Mejia.

Hi Mike , Please Tell us more about how you started ?

Hi yes , We started back in 1993 as a healthcare staffing agency. We provided RNs, LVNs, and CNAs to various nursing homes in our area. We since expanded to include home care services.

Please tell us more about your business ?

We are a home health care provider. Our services include: Skilled Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Social Services, and private caregivers.

Who do you serve?

We primarily serve the elderly population within the Bay Area.

What sets you apart from your competitors?

Our customer service sets us apart. Clients are happy with our response, organization, and follow up as based on our history and we also can provide references if requested.

What Areas and folks would benefit most from your help?

People who are being discharged to go home from the hospital or rehab center typically benefit from our services.

How do people who need help find you?
We are available by phone 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. We are also accessible by email.

What services do you offer currently?
Services we provide include: Home nursing and therapy services, private caregiver services.

What is the specialty of your business that can make a difference in lives? Where can our readers reach you?

Our specialty is our Skilled Nursing services, Physical and Occupational therapy services which help patients recover in the comfort of their own home, instead of staying in a nursing home. Our private caregivers benefit our clients by helping them with daily living activities that have become difficult due to age or illness.
Yes you may reach us at your convenience by calling #510-782-9080 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you Mike for talking with us?

yes thank you for the opportunity and we look forward in helping you take care of your Loved ones, please don't hesitate to call or email us , Consultation is Free.



Caring never gets old


Caring for elders never gets old, Philippine and California officials emphasized at a faith-oriented community education program and resource provider fair last weekend here.

“Respect for elders is a hallmark of our culture,” enunciated Philippine Consul General in San Francisco Henry Bensurto Jr.  “Wherever we are, no matter our station in life - even in this age of information technology where novelty wears off fast - what remains constant for us Filipinos is our instinct to care for our parents.”

The highest ranking representative of the Philippine government in Northern California and nine other states underscored the time-honored Filipino value in his keynote at “Our Family, Our Future,” May 11 at Grace United Methodist Church.  A gathering of community-based advocates and providers from public and private sectors, the event was the 11th yearly presentation focusing on older and dependent adults by ALLICE Alliance for Community Empowerment, a non-profit all-volunteer organization composed of Filipino Americans.  The team’s mission is to promote resource-sharing for healthier and safer homes.  

“The family is the heart of the community, and events like this bring agencies closer to those who need services the most,” special guest Phil Ting, California Assembly Member reinforced the significance of the gathering.  Since 2012, Ting has represented the 19th District spanning the west side of San Francisco and further south to Broadmoor, Colma, Daly City, and South San Francisco in San Mateo County. 

“I know there is a sense of uncertainty with all that’s going on in Washington D.C., but here in California, we will continue to provide services regardless of immigration documentation,”  the former executive director of Asian Law Caucus assured, offering a personal invitation to contact his office for assistance.

Ting’s district is home to a heavy concentration of Filipino Americans, including majority of the congregants of Grace United Methodist Church.  Rev. Alex Cambe, a Filipino with roots in the Ilocos Region in the Philippines is its pastor.

“We are honored to host this event for a noble cause – the complete wellness of the entire family,” Cambe said in his opening prayer.

Using theater to inspire reflection and build empathy, ALLICE dramatized unhealthy interaction followed by healthy alternatives with roles played by Kumares and Kumpares, as ALLICE members call themselves.

While the vignettes drew chuckles from the audience - such as a U.S.-based daughter reminding her newly arrived immigrant mother not to call her "Anak" and to throw away the "stinky dried fish" that the former  favored in childhood - these touched on behaviors often mistaken as harmless.  

In fact constant demeaning crushes the subject's self-esteem, making her feel inferior, and is a form of emotional abuse," defined Kumpare Dr. Jei Africa, a licensed psychologist who annotated the skit with Kumare Bettina Santos Yap, a marketing executive.

“Maybe because we see such interactions on TV or in the movies, or maybe we don’t realize that we are actually committing abuse, thinking such is always physical,” proposed Frances Dinglasan, general assignment reporter for KGO Channel 7 News, who co-emceed with Lloyd LaCuesta, retired KTVU Channel 2 News South Bay Bureau Chief.

“We hope to bring about healing and enlightenment at this presentation,” LaCuesta added, noting that the event was dedicated to departed Kumares Alice Bulos and Erlinda Galeon, longtime leaders passed away last year.

For 14 years ALLICE has been staging education presentations to address relationship matters free and open to the public.

“Our spring presentations focus on issues intersecting domestic violence that we highlight in our fall events,” said Jennifer Jimenez Wong, 2017 ALLICE president and a licensed marriage and family therapist.  “In homes where there is intimate partner violence – or violence between two people romantically involved with each other – chances are high there is abuse involving other members of the family including the elders, the subject of today’s event.  Hearing from our experts enables us to recognize healthy and unhealthy behaviors and make changes as needed.” 

At least 15 nonprofits consulted with attendees about their programs.  Kaiser Permanente Filipino Association provided free health screenings.  Seton Medical Center, Union Bank and Pilipino Bayanihan Resource Center sponsored the event with  San Mateo Behavioral Health & Recovery Services, Philippine News, Philippines Today, Positively Filipino, GMA News Online, Rappler.com, The Filipino Channel, Lucky Chances, Moonstar, Noah's Bagels, Chalet Ticino and Hapag Filipino among donor allies.

Founded in 2003, ALLICE members represent a cross-section of the FilAm community, a diverse group united to bed violent behaviors.  Allen Capalla, Santos Yap, Cecile Gregorio Ascalon, Cherie Querol Moreno, Edna Murray, Elsa Agasid, Africa, Jimenez Wong, Joanne del Rosario, Jose Antonio, Leonard Oakes, Malou Aclan, Nan Santiago, Nellie Hizon, Ofie Albrecht, Paulita Lasola Malay, Sarah Jane Ilumin, Teresa Guingona Ferrer and Father Mark Reburiano form the current team.


is executive director of ALLICE.  For more information, visit www.allicekumares.com.


Care Indeed sponsors Avenidas' technology conference for Seniors

Care Indeed was one of the Tech Faire sponsors at the Living Better With Technology Conference held at Mitchell Park Community Center in Palo Alto. The conference included workshops such as "How Technology Can Help Support Independent Living," "Keeping Up with the Grandkids," and "Explorer's Circle." Care Indeed has actively supported Avenidas, a community-based nonprofit organization that supports and celebrates older adults. Photo shows Renata Spangler, one of Care Indeed's Care Managers.

Care Indeed is a leading home care provider in the Bay Area. For more information about their services, please call (650) 328-1001 or go to www.careindeed.com.

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