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German Music Festival to Resume After Terrorist Scarea


BERLIN — One of Germany’s biggest rock festivals was set to resume, the organizers said on Saturday, a day after the police ordered tens of thousands of fans to leave because of an unspecified terrorist threat.

Fans had gathered on Friday night at the fabled Nürburgring racetrack complex in western Germany for a three-day rock festival, Rock am Ring, featuring some of the country’s top rock bands. About 60,000 people were at the site when organizers announced the shutdown, the police said.

“A possible terrorist threat cannot be excluded,” the police in nearby Koblenz said in a statement. “Investigations are ongoing at a top level. But we cannot say anything exact about the background right now.”

But in a Facebook post on Saturday, organizers said they had been given the all-clear to reopen, according to reports.

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The security arrangements at the festival had been overhauled in recent days, “with a view to the recent attack on a concert in Manchester,” the police said, referring to the bombing last month in Britain.

Earlier on Friday, German television showed police officers removing manhole covers and checking the festival premises with great care. The number of officers present was increased to 1,200, the police said.

“We are taking all tips and all suspicious circumstances very seriously,” the police statement said.


Survey shows outdoor athletes love listening to music but hate their earbuds

  • Published in Tech
by Kraig Becker/ www.digitaltrends.com

Looking for a pair of earbuds for use in action sports? A survey has found that many athletes have trouble finding adequate earbuds.

Do you like to listen to music or podcasts while taking part in your favorite outdoor activities? Do you find that your earbuds aren’t especially well-suited for those outings? If you said yes to that last question, it turns out you’re not alone. A recent survey of more than 400 “weekend warriors” who enjoy action sports like mountain biking, trail running, and skiing shows that most of us aren’t very happy with our options when it comes to earbuds built for use outdoors.

The survey was conducted by a company called Earshot and reveals some interesting insights into how action sports athletes view their headphones. For instance, 72 percent of those surveyed indicated that they prefer to listen to music while participating in their sport of choice, although nearly 20 percent who chose not to listen to music said it was because earbuds aren’t built for use in their favorite activity. Another 16 percent claimed that their existing headphones aren’t very good or are just downright awful. And while 40 percent indicated that they had spent $100 or more on a set of earbuds, nearly half (49 percent) said the would spend even more if they could find a set better suited for their needs.

The biggest complaints that outdoor athletes had with their existing headphones were that the cords often get in the way (33 percent), they are uncomfortable to wear (23 percent), and they don’t fit properly (17 percent). The athletes involved in the survey also indicated that fit and functionality are the most important aspect they look for in their earbuds, with comfort and sound quality coming in second and third. Twenty-five percent said that they felt that most earphone manufacturers simply didn’t understand their specific needs.

In a press release revealing the results of the survey, James Bell-Booth, Earshot co-founder, said: “To me, the most important finding from our research is that 35 percent of action sport athletes said they’re at least somewhat likely to abandon their activity if their headphones don’t work properly. As a community, we need to take more seriously the headphone requirements of action sport athletes, and get to work making products that meet their needs better.”

Of course, Earshot had ulterior motives in conducting this survey. The company has designed a line of earbuds that it expects to launch on Kickstarter later this month. With a magnetic locking system to hold them in place, long battery life, and completely wireless operation, they apparently have been designed with action sports in mind. They are also waterproof and rugged enough for use in demanding environments like those favored by outdoor athletes.

The new earbuds are expected to sell for $136 when they become available, although anyone interested in grabbing a pair can register now for a 40 percent discount.


Aphex Twin's first concert livestream includes online-only visuals

Aphex Twin (aka Richard D. James) may have a reputation as a tech-savvy artist, but he hasn't exactly embraced livestreaming. You've usually had to attend one of his concerts to see him venture beyond his album cuts. At last, though, you'll get to see him perform live... and then some. He's hosting his first-ever livestreamed concert at London's Field Day Festival at 8:55PM local time (3:55PM ET) on June 3rd, and this isn't just the usual feed that shows the stage performance and nothing else.

The IDM artist is partnering with Weirdcore to make a "bespoke online visual immersion" that should bring his warped, mischievous art style to your screen. We wouldn't count on a "Windowlicker" level of choreography, but this is definitely more than you tend to get when you're watching from home. the only shame is that Aphex Twin is unlikely to make a habit of this. While plenty of musicians coordinate digital graphics with their live sets, that doesn't happen very often with streams -- this may be your one and only chance to see James experiment with online visuals during a live gig.

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