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His worst crisis yet

He has only been president for four months, yet there is already talk of Donald Trump facing impeachment proceedings. And with good reason.
If – and this is a big if – dismissed FBI Director James Comey is telling the truth regarding the details of his meeting at the White House with President Trump prior to his being axed, then an impeachable offense was indeed committed by Mr. Trump.
There may or may not be a recording of that conversation. The president says there is, and if so then this must be the one piece of evidence that will determine the fate of the POTUS. It will not be a case of he said, he said. And yes, the similarity to Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal that forced him to resign from the presidency is not lost on us.
Some of the facts are crystal clear. During a meeting at the White House, President Trump asked the vice president and the head of the CIA who were both present to leave the room, leaving only Messrs. Trump and Comey to talk. What was discussed between the two men is the issue behind the brewing crisis, one that will determine if impeachment proceedings against the president will proceed or not.
If anything, Comey has been more consistent in his claims, unlike Mr. Trump who has contradicted his own statements on a number of occasions.
If there is no recording of the conversation as Mr. Trump had implied, then this is when it boils down to he said, he said.
In calling Comey “a nut job” and “crazy”, one can’t help but think that the president is actually afraid of the former FBI chief, who may have been getting too close to the truth behind Mr. Trump’s Russia connections for comfort. That Comey was in the middle of investigating those alleged Russia links made his dismissal all the more suspicious.
Earlier, Mr. Trump had referred to Comey as a “showboat” and a “grandstander.” This, after the then FBI chief had apparently refused to pledge his loyalty to the president.
This is where President Trump fails. He feels that anyone who does not figuratively bow before him must be an enemy, one who is to be destroyed. He still refuses to accept the fact that the only persons whose loyalty he can demand are the officials of the Republican Party. Even then, and as the saying goes, their loyalty to the party and president ends where their loyalty to the country begins.
Government officials, whether from the judiciary or the legislature, must only pledge their loyalty to the country, the flag, the Constitution, and the people of the United States.
The president is out of the country on official business this week, but when he returns he can expect to be flooded with questions that he cannot easily ignore nor brush aside. He will have to face the nation and come clean about everything he knows regarding the Russia ties of his closest associates, relatives included.
He may refuse to recognize it, but President Donald Trump is now in the midst of his worst crisis yet, and it is one that he may not survive unscathed.
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