Media task force says murdered radioman had been threatened by Bislig mayor Featured

Media task force says murdered radioman had been threatened by Bislig mayor

The Presidential Task Force on Media Security (PTFoMS) on Wednesday said that it had warned Bislig City Mayor Librado Navarro to stop threatening radioman Christopher Ivan Lozada, who was murdered on Tuesday.
According to PTFoMS in a statement, it issued a red-flag letter warning to Navarro on October 24, ordering him to "desist from threatening Christopher Lozada" and saying, "in case any untoward incident happens to him, we will include you [the mayor] as possible perpetrator of the same."
"Sadly, Lozada was killed even before the letter-warning could reach the mayor," the task force said.
PTFoMS said Lozada had informed them that the mayor texted him "to leave Bislig if you do not want to die" and that "he would step down with Lozada who will go to the cemetery since his days are numbered."
Lozada was offered security but he refused, saying that he wanted to document the threats against him so that in case he is harmed, PTFoMS could run after Navarro.
The Office of the Ombudsman last month ordered the mayor's removal from office, which PTFoMs said had been based on a complaint filed by the radio anchor.
PTFoMS said after this incident, Lozada asked it to make representations with the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) to execute the Ombudsman's order to remove Navarro from office.
Lozada was advised to submit the necessary documents in relation to his complaint.
PTFoMS also advised Lozada to be extra cautious on his travels and actions as he had declined offers of security.
PTFoMS said Lozada went to DILG a day before he was killed to press the office to immediately serve the dismissal order against Navarro.
Lozada was shot dead by unidentified gunmen on Tuesday night. His girlfriend Honey Faith Indog was wounded in the attack and is still being treated in the hospital.
PTFoMS vowed to investigate Lozada's killing.
"As a matter of policy, PTFoMS presumes Lozada's death as a media killing and falls under its mandate in relation to Administrative Order No. 1 (AOI) of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to protect life, liberty and security of media workers," it said.
"We seek justice no less for Mr. Lozada. The PTFoMS will keep a close watch and strictly monitor the progress of this investigation and even provide legal assistance, if necessary," it added. —GMA News

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