STILL HIGH ON CHOLESTEROL: We Americans have so much to thank for. 

However dysfunctional our democracy is, we don't have political dynasties whose scions can massacre 58 innocent men and women, 34 of them journalists, all in a day's work. And like the Marcoses before them, run for office knowing how short the Filipino's memory is.

However diverse and extreme our religious affiliations are, we don't bomb each others en masse to profess our faith. We've had some loonies, our home-grown, garden-variety mass murderers, but hey, this is a stressful world, someone has to crack up.

However divided we are on our political belief, we don't go springing a military coup to topple our government. Well, our generals are busy fighting off their own sexual urges, that's why.

However numerically-challenged voters from Florida are, we don't steal ballots to sit a candidate. We let the Supreme Court do the job for us.

However poor we feel we are, we camp out for days then go berserk charging the stores on 'Black Friday'.

I love America.

It is a land of contradictions. And no country on earth can be as great as this one.

I'm thankful for being a citizen.




BLACK FRIDAY: With our leaders in Washington still singing discordant notes as they seem to lead us like lemmings which are about to jump off the fiscal cliff, no thanks to an American electorate that refused to grant a governing mandate to either party, we dig deeper into our washed-out pockets come Black Friday and head out like a pack of wolves to hunt for bargains while still high on cholesterol from a food binge to celebrate a tradition that reminds whatever are left of the American Indians of the biggest land-grab in the history of humankind that reduced their real estate to a Rez and a 24-7 casino. Oh, this bone we threw in to assuage our collective guilt on how eminent domain unconscionably separated them from their land.

Ironically, by starving them into submission.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

We're headed to Cache Creek to commiserate with the natives.


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