Since December the 1st 2003, it has been illegal to use a hand held mobile and drive at the same time. The law goes onto be more precise t by declaring it is illegal to use a hand held device that is used for reasons for written and verbal communication.

Although not illegal, hands free has been even declared as an distraction. But how does this relate to the Iphone and Ipod? Could these blur the lines of the law, due to their interactive nature which could be potentially distracting and hazardous?!
It has been an argument around for awhile. Is your Iphone or Mp3 player a device that could endanger your safety? Almost everyone is aware of the potential hazards these devices could create, and it is in fact written to legislation that you cannot use a hand-held device that has internet and email capabilities.  
To get into the intricacies, it is illegal to use any hand held device that is a mobile or similar when the engine is running, even when stationary – so no using even when in traffic jams.
The line is very blurry with especially Iphones because they have communicative as well as mp3 capabilities, making them note entirely legal to use when driving. To be safe, it is recommended overall that you handle no devices, including Mp3 players when driving as these still can distract you.
It's vital that you focus your attention on the road at all times, even when stationary in a traffic jam.
A device is considered distracting if it stops you from effectively driving safely. For instance, if it distracts you by taking your eyes off the road longer than they should be, that device is considered to be distracting. Noise can also be distracting as well, as it can stop you from using your hearing in order to listen to other cars and traffic, as well as the sound of your own car. Keeping any hands free conversations or music on your car mp3 player down to a good level, will help you engage all your senses in the driving process.
Currently, there's a few safety focused car audio entertainment options on the market, which help to avoid you getting distracted, including car Bluetooth players which allow you to control your incoming and outgoing calls via your voice, rather than the phone.  You must always take safety into your own hands too, by avoiding using devices which will distract you from driving.
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From March 31 – April 13, 2014, McDonald’s is offering consumers one complimentary small freshly brewed McCafé Coffee at participating restaurants nationwide during the breakfast hours while supplies last.

Made with 100 percent Arabica beans from the rich soils of Central and South America, McCafé’s signature blend is a balanced, medium roasted coffee. The Arabica beans are high-grown to obtain great quality for the perfect blend of McCafé Coffee. Freshly prepared throughout the day, McCafé Coffee is available any time of day in variety of sizes offering customers a rich flavorful coffee experience in every cup. 

AAA Clubs, consumers, and small businesses join Senator Monning
to ensure car owners control their own data, not automakers
SACRAMENTO, CALIF. – Today, Senator Bill Monning (D-Monterey) joined the Automobile Club of Southern California, AAA of Northern California, consumers, and business leaders to announce legislation that will provide car owners rights to control their own car data, which is being generated within their own vehicle and currently transmitted to automakers.
“Our cars are quickly becoming mobile computers, and while this technology provides several important benefits to consumers, it is imperative that there are basic safeguards in place to ensure consumers can decide who has access to their data,” said Monning. “The modern connected car can greatly improve safety, enhance convenience and lower costs, but it can also tell automakers other personal information that consumers should have more control over. SB 994 will provide car owners disclosure, access, and choice when it comes to their car’s information.”  
In 2014, one in every five new cars sold or leased is a connected car. By 2025, it is expected that 100 percent of the new cars sold will be connected. Furthermore, the U.S. Department of Transportation recently announced plans for regulations that would require all cars to communicate with each other in an effort to avoid collisions.
With new technology transforming the driving experience, cars are able to transmit vital information on their performance, location, and even how, when, and where people drive. With these cars, it raises important questions: 
·       Who has access to the data from your car?
·       Can you control access to your car’s information?
·       Can you choose who will receive your car’s data for the services you want?
SB 994 will answer these questions clearly for consumers by providing the following protections:
·       Disclosure: Ensure consumers are informed and understand what information is being collected and what is transmitted to the automaker.
·       Access: Ensure consumers have access to their car information and prohibit automakers from creating exclusive systems.
·       Choice: Ensure consumers have the right to control who can access their car information and designate other service providers to receive their information to provide needed and wanted services.
“On behalf of 10 million California consumers, the AAA clubs believe car owners should have basic rights in controlling their own data,” said Alice Bisno, Senior Vice President of the Automobile Club of Southern California. “Just like a smart phone or computer, consumers should be allowed to know what information is being collected and decide who has access to their information. As more cars become connected cars, and as more information gets transmitted to carmakers, this issue needs to be addressed now.”
Last year, AAA surveyed their members and other consumers. 79 percent of the respondents agreed that “consumers always should be able to decide if information generated about their car can be shared and with whom.” 85 percent believed that we should have “laws to protect consumers’ right to their car information.”
In the next few weeks, SB 994 will be considered by a Senate policy committee.
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1. Seat Belts. These are designed to keep you inside the vehicle and reduce the risk that you will collide with the steering wheel, dashboard, or windshield. New seat designs have additional features such as adjustable upper belts, seat belt pretensioner, energy management features, and rear center seat lap/shoulder belts. Adjustable upper belts let you change the position of the shoulder strap to accommodate a person's size. Pretensioners, on the other hand, retract the seatbelt to remove excess slack, almost instantly, in a crash. However, you still to adjust your seat belt so that it fits as snugly as possible, since pretensioners are not powerful enough to pull you back into your seat in the event of an impact.


Kenichi Ebina, ang nagwagi sa “America’s Got Talent 2013, ay magtatanghal sa Pechanga


Ang Pechanga Resort & Casino ay dati nang magiliw na destinasyon para sa mga panauhing Asyano.  Mayroon itong “Asian host team” at mga palabas na Asyano na pinapanood ng mga panauhin na may iba’t -ibang lahi.  Ikinagagalak ng Pechanga na ihandog ang pagtatanghal ni Kenichi Ebina, ang nagwagi sa “America’s Got Talent” Season 8, sa isang malaking produksiyon sa unang pagkakataon mula nang siya ay nagwagi sa telebisyon.  Mararamdaman ng mga tagahanga ang buhay na buhay na lakas ng kanyang pagsasayaw sa dalawang espesyal na palabas na mala-“Kenichi Ebina Dance-ish Entertainment” sa Abril 12 at 13 sa Pechanga Theater.  Ang mga tiket ay may halagang $30, $45, $60 at $80 at mabibili mula Martes, Pebrero 25, alas tres ng hapon.  Mabibili ang mga ito sa Pechanga Box Office mula alas dose ng tanghali hanggang alas otso ng gabi, sa pamamagitan ng pagtawag sa (877) 711-2946 o sa pagbisita sa



Asahan ninyong makakita ng makatindig balahibong pagtatanghal mula sa soloistang mananayaw na ito na natutong magsayaw sa sarili niyang pagsisikap.  Nagsimula si Kenichi Ebina sa pagsasayaw ng Freestyle Hip-Hop at natuto siyang magsayaw ng Poppin’, Lockin’, Mime, House, Jazz, Contemporary at Ethnic.  Ang kanyang kakaibang estilo ng pagsasayaw ay kombinasyon ng magkakaibang ilusyon at epekto ng tunog, liwanag at paningin.  Siya ay madalas na nakikisayaw sa mga tauhan na nasa malaking tabing sa kanyang likuran, na sarili niyang binuo o ginawa.  Ang kanyang taktika ay ang aliwin ang mga manonood na hindi man lang interesado sa sining ng pagganap.


Sinimulan ni Kenichi Ebina ang kanyang karera sa pagsasayaw noong siya nagpasimula sa grupong “BiTrip,” kasama ang ibang mananayaw na Hapon noong 2001.  Napanalunan ng BiTrip ang unang puwesto at sila ay naging Grand Champion ng “Amateur Night.” Noong 2007, napanalunan ni Kenichi ang pitong parangal sa isang kompetisyon sa pagsasayaw na pinamagatang “Showtime at the Apollo” at siya lamang ang naging Grand Champion ng dalawang beses sa buong kasaysayan ng Apollo Theater.  Pagkatapos ng pitong taon,  nakamit ni Kenichi ang pambansang  pagkilala at nagkaroon siya ng mga tagahanga mula sa buong bansa sa pamamagitan ng “America’s Got Talent.”  Pagkatapos ng kanyang pagsasayaw ng dalawang beses sa pinale ng palabas, siya ay hinirang na tagapanalo ng season 8 noong Setyembre 18, 2013.


Si Kenichi ay naging aktibong-aktibo pagkatapos niyang manalo sa “America’s Got Talent.”  Siya ay nagtanghal sa maraming pagdiriwang at mga palabas na pang-telebisyon sa iba’t-ibang bansa, nagturo ng pagsasayaw sa Estados Unidos, Tsina, bansang Korea, Hapon at marami pang iba, at nagturo din ng sayaw sa teatro.  Sa ngayon, si Kenichi at mapapanood sa telebisyon sa palabas na pinamagatang  “Angelina Ballerina” sa PBS Kids Sprout bilang isang mananayaw.


Huwag kaligtaan ang kabiha-bighaning palabas ni Kenichi kung saan makikita ang kanyang tanging kakayahan sa pagsasayaw na tiyak na magpapahiyaw at magpapapalakpak sa mga manonood.  Halina at ng maranasan ang lahat ng ito ng buhay na buhay sa Pechanga Resort & Casino!


Inaalok ng Pechanga

Inaalok ng Pechanga Resort & Casino ang isa sa mga pinakamalaki at malaganap na kasiyahan na pang resort/casino kahit saan sa buong bansa.  Hinirang na “Four Diamond property” ng AAA mula pa noong 2002, ang Pechanga Resort & Casino ay nagbibigay ng walang katumbas na paraan para sa isang araw o pang-matagalang marangyang bakasyon.  Naghahandog ng mahigit sa 3,000 sa pinaka mainit na slot machines, table games at world-class entertainment, 517 na kuwarto sa hotel nito, mga kainan, spa at championship golf sa “Journey at Pechanga,” ang Pechanga Resort & Casino ay tampok na destinasyon na tumutugon at humihigit sa kagustuhan ng mga panauhin nito at ng komunidad.  Ang Pechanga Resort & Casino ay pag-aari at palakad ng Pechanga Band ng mga Luiseño Indians.  Para sa karagdagang impormasyon, tumawag sa 1-877-711-2946 o pumunta sa Sundan ang Pechanga Resort & Casino sa Twitter @PechangaCasino.  Ang Pechanga Resort & Casino ay bukas ng 24 oras.  Ang mga panauhin ay dapat na may edad 21 anyos at pataas para makapasok sa casino.






“America’s Got Talent” 2013 Winner Kenichi Ebina Performing Live At Pechanga


Pechanga Resort & Casino has always been an Asian friendly destination with a great Asian host team and many Asian concerts for guests of different ethnicities. Now, Pechanga is proud to announce Kenichi Ebina, “America’s Got Talent” Season 8 winner, will perform a major production show for the first time ever since appearing on television. Fans will feel Kenichi Ebina’s pulsating energy from his dance during two special “Kenichi Ebina Dance-ish Entertainment” performances on April 12 and 13 in the Pechanga Theater. Tickets are $30, $45, $60 and $80 and go on sale Tuesday, February 25 at 3:00p.m. Tickets may be purchased in person at the Pechanga Box Office between 12:00p.m. and 8:00p.m., via telephone at (877) 711-2946 or online at


Expect to see a thrilling performance by this solo, self-taught dance performer. Kenichi Ebina started out dancing Freestyle Hip-Hop and expanding to Poppin’, Lockin’, Mime, House, Jazz, Contemporary and Ethnic dance. His unique style of dance combines different illusion effects of sound, light and visual. He frequently interacts with characters on a huge video screen behind him, who have all been created and played by himself. His dance tactics entertain audiences who were not even interested in performing arts.


Kenichi Ebina started his dance career when he formed a dance group “BiTriP,” with other Japanese dancers, in 2001. BiTriP won first place and became the Grand Champion of “Amateur Night” In 2007, Kenichi won seven awards in the dance competition of “Showtime At The Apollo” and became the two-time grand champion in Apollo theater history. It was not until seven years later that Kenichi was able to gain a national fan base by trying out for “America’s Got Talent.” After performing two dance routines during the finals, he was announced the winner of the eighth season on September 18, 2013.


As the winner of “America’s Got Talent”, Kenichi has been very active. He has performed at many events and on TV shows internationally, taught dance in the United States, China, Korea, Japan and more, and directed and choreographed routines for theater companies. Currently, Kenichi is appearing on the U.S. television show “Angelina Ballerina,” on PBS Kids Sprout as featured dance performer.


Don’t miss out on these mesmerizing performances as Kenichi showcases his unique dance show that will definitely get the crowd cheering and applauding. Experience it ALL, Experience it LIVE at Pechanga Resort & Casino.


About Pechanga Resort & Casino
Pechanga Resort & Casino offers one of the largest and most expansive resort/casino experience anywhere in the country. Rated a Four Diamond property by AAA since 2002, Pechanga Resort & Casino provides an unparalleled getaway, whether for the day or for an extended luxury stay. Offering more than 3,000 of the hottest slots, table games, world-class entertainment, 517 hotel rooms, dining, spa and championship golf at Journey at Pechanga, Pechanga Resort & Casino features a destination that meets and exceeds the needs of its guests and the community. Pechanga Resort & Casino is owned and operated by the Pechanga Band of Luiseño Indians. For more information, call toll free 1-877-711-2946 or visit Follow Pechanga Resort & Casino on and on Twitter @PechangaCasino. Pechanga Resort & Casino is open 24-hours. Guests must be 21 and older to enter the casino.