Marjorie Barretto with her daughter Julia
MANILA, Philippines – Actress-turned-politician Marjorie Barretto denied that she's the woman on the "scandalous photos" circulating online.
"No. That's not me. I would never do something like that. That's not my nature," Barretto told entertainment site Pep.ph on Monday.
One of the sexy photos shows a woman who looks like Barretto exposing her right breast, while the other photo had the same woman in black panties with her legs open.
Barretto told the website that she is looking into possibility of taking legal actions against who uploaded the photo.
She is currently a reelectionist councilor in Caloocan City.
Aside from “scandal photos,” Barretto is also involved in the latest feud against her sister Gretchen Barretto and their mother Inday Barretto.

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