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Alice H Reyes: Kudos, Josie Licavoli!

On June 8,2024, my granddaughter, Josephine Anna Reyes Licavoli, nicknamed Josie, held her art exhibit on Mission St., San Francisco.

In full force were the Licavoli and Reyes families as well as Josie’s fellow artists, former schoolmates and


On exhibit were over 20 of Josie’s paintings , which she had painted a year prior to the exhibit.

Entitled “Pamana”, the exhibit clearly manifested Josie’s Filipino roots through the subjects portrayed in her paintings.

The third of four children of my daughter, Cara Mia, Josie showed her inclination for art at an early age.

“ I have always wamted to draw,” she bared , during an interview I conducted with her.

Not surprisingly, she took up Studio Art and Art Education when she went to college at Cal-Pol Humbolt..

After her college graduation, Josie spent time for her artist’s residency in South Hampten, New York, taught painting to kids aged 3-5, painted murals and opened a studio in San Francisco.

“I like painting murals,” she declared,” possibly because they are accessible to more people , for free.

Josie’s desire to hone her artistic talent brought her recently to Italy, where she got the opportunity to view great works of art there. Next month, she will travel to Croatia, Italy, Spain and Portugal, where presumably she can learn more about art.

When she return from her travels, Josie plans to work for her Master’s degree in Fine Arts.

“ I would like to make painting my main job,” she said.

Josie’s “Pamana” exhibit was just a beginning for this talented young artist.

Kudos, Josie, and I look forward to your next exhibit!


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