Alice H. Reyes: Speaking of Sean

  My  son Sean is the  strong, silent type, a

man of few words , as shown in his replies to my


          It is said that “still waters run deep” and I like to

think that is so, with Sean.

          The oldest of my surviving 7 children, he became

the “kuya” his siblings looked up to, after  his sister. our

beloved Gigi, was taken from us by the Grim Reaper.

       As I sit at my desk on the eve of Sean’s birthday,

memories  of Sean flood my mind:  Sean as a baby

at the Chinese General Hospital, a needle in his tiny head,

Sean playing basketball and competing at tournaments,

Sean fiercely protective of his younger sisters, Sean as

a reporter for the Philippine Star, Sean as a husband and father

father, Sean with his drinking buddies, Sean with his


       Sean and I are alike in many ways. He was the only

one of my 8 offspring who followed me in my journalistic 

career, and like me, is not as talkative as the rest of our

family. Physically, he looks more like my side of the

family: the Hernandezes.

       Come to think of it, Sean and I have never talked

lengthily about life. We have both been too busy over the

the years, especially after he migrated to the United States

over two decades ago. I pray there will be time to do so.

      Tomorrow,  as he marks another  birthday, I send

Sean my fervent wishes for good health,peace,love

 and prosperity now and always. May the good Lord

continue to bless you, my son!  


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