ALICE REYES: A heartwarming celebration

 On May 18 this year, I celebrated another birthday, unlike the one last year, with five of my children: Sean,Cara, Jory, Aisha and Yasmin .

    Sadly, my two other offspring, Rhea and Birdie, couldn’t make it.

    Sean came with his wife vien and daughter Sara, Cara came with her daughters Paulina and  Josie, Jory was with his wife Natasha and sons Kyle and Finnegan, Aisha came alone and Yasmin  was with her children Kevin, Brison and Chilli and her hubby Keith.

    My other visitors were my niece Elizabeth Williams and her brother Ricky Williams, Sonia Reyes, Goya Navarrete, Ging Reyes , Francis Juliano, Grace and Gilbert de Ocampo with their daughter Giselle,Carie and Steve Behn, Ronald and Arlene Domingo , Long Mahinay , Bing Anisco , Jaelin Lazo and Lyka Mercado.

        The party took place at the Benicia home of Jory, who initiated the event , intended to be a reunion of family and close friends, who contributed food  for it.

        Piece de resistence was the lechon given by Vien and Sean.Therre were oysters,  mussels and birthday cake from Jory and Natasha,dinuguan, puto and sapin sapin from Sonia,Laing and cassava cake from Aisha, pancit from Mimin, duck from Grace and Gilbert, laing from Ronald and Arlene, lumpia from Carie and Steve .   

       In my brief impromptu speech, I hope I was able to thank everyone who contributed to the success of the celebration.

      Besides the feast. Karaoke time made the event more festive as  Natasha, Aisha, Cara, Yasmin, Chilli, Grace , Sean, Long and Goya sang and danced the night away.

      It was a perfect night for me,one that I will treasure forever.

      Thank you, Lord, for the blessings of family and friends!