As I See It: Donald Trump on his way to the White House?

Is there any indication that former President Donald Trump can’t be stopped from going back to the White House?

Latest developments show that he is speeding up his momentum to his second term as president, despite the fact that he is a convicted felon and was indicted twice, as he is outsprinting President Joe Biden in the presidential race!

The first early presidential debate between Trump and Biden led to his superb debate performance while Biden to his dismal failure to capitalize on Trump’s more than 35 lies and other issues throughout the duration of the debate. Many consider these as signs of old age (Biden is now 81 years old) that Biden can no longer function to be the president as shown in the debate. He had all the chances of rebutting and countering Trump’s lies but he was not able to do it.

Most viewers and voters say Biden failed and Trump won in said debate. With that, Trump gained more campaign money after the debate while Biden has to retreat to Camp David with his family and trusted allies to assess his chances of moving on as the Democratic Party standard bearer.

Another debacle is the Supreme Court ruling Monday (6-3) that Trump has criminal immunity for official acts. Justice Sonia Sotomayor said, in her dissenting opinion: “The Court gives former President Donald Trump all the immunity he asked for and more. Today’s decision to grant former presidents criminal immunity reshapes the institutions of the Presidency. It makes a mockery of the principle, foundational to our Constitution and the system of government, that no man is above the law. Because of our Constitution does not shield a former president from answering for criminal and treasonous acts, I dissent.”

She was joined by justices Elena Kagan and Ketanji Brown Jackson. Sotomayor added in her dissent: “the president is now a king above the law… with fear of r our democracy…”

Justices Sonia SotomayorElena Kagan and Ketanji Brown Jackson each took the rare step of reading provocative dissenting statements this past week. The ritual from the elevated mahogany bench offered a bit of drama before rapt courtroom spectators and a chance to draw public attention to their views. (CNN)

The outrageous decision is a big win for Trump which may led to delays and possible immunity for Trump in the January 6th trial. And, since it is a limited decision, not conclusive, the immunity case of Trump will be going back to the lower court that will determine which were Trump’s decisions that were official (which will be covered by the Supreme Court decisions) and which ones were personal which were not covered by the SC decision. This process will go a long way that it may not be decided before the November general election.

Justice Sotomayor was right! Trump got what he wanted in his immunity case–delay, delay, delay! That’s what Trump wanted, to delay decisions before the election so that when he wins, he can pardon himself or go for revenge, which he promised to do.

The question now is: “Can Biden come back and regain stature as the logical candidate that can beat Trump?”

The Democratic Party and Biden’s family are doing a lot of damage control in order to save Biden’s candidacy. Will they succeed?

As I See It, they may succeed! What they need to do is hammer on Biden’s plans for the American people on the critical issues on immigration, the economy, health issues, birth control, peace and order, safety, homelessness, and other issues of national importance. The people need to know what he plans to do for the welfare of the American people. He was not able to do this during the debate but he now has all the chance of making people know of his plans. They need to saturate the airwaves of positive TV ads, a multitude of testimonials, energized door-to-door campaigning, more community reach outs, and the like. If there will be another debate, this time he must make sure that he will dominate over Trump. This is the penultimate way of doing it.

Yes, he has limited time to do it but he must do it within that limited period with precision and clarity. He needs to double time and race against the clock because if he will be able to do these, it will prove that he is still capable of leading the nation, that his age is not a problem, that he is strong and determined to continue as president of the United States of America.

That way, the issue of old age will no longer be an issue. It will be wiped out by results, by solid performance, and by his positive vision for America!

Can he do it? If he can put into practice and translate what a famous basketball coach I know has been   saying: “One step backward, two steps forward,” then he will be able to save his candidacy! He made a backward step by not doing well in the debate but needs to do two steps forward to solidify and strengthen his chances of winning over Trump!

Yes, Biden can do it! America will be watching!


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