As I See It: SC rules in favor of Trump, dominates Super Tuesday!

In an  unexpected ruling, the  Supreme Court on Monday handed a sweeping win to former President Donald Trump by ruling that states cannot kick him off the ballot over his actions leading up to the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol — bringing a swift end to a case with huge implications for the 2024 election. (Lawrence Hurley, NBC News)

The court reversed the Colorado Supreme Court in an unsigned ruling with no dissents (unanimous decision) which had determined that Trump could not serve again as president under Section 3 of the Constitution’s 14th Amendment.

The provision prohibits those who previously held government positions but later “engaged in insurrection” from running for various offices. There was no ruling on this, only the Colorado issue excluding Trump from the ballots.

So, the ruling makes it clear that Congress, not states, has to set rules on how the 14th Amendment provision can be enforced against federal office-seekers. As such, the decision applies to all states, not just Colorado. However, states retain the power to bar people running for state office from appearing on the ballot under Section 3, not on federal posts.

“Because the Constitution makes Congress, rather than the states, responsible for enforcing section 3 against all federal officeholders and candidates, we reverse,” the Supreme Court ruling said.

While the Supreme Court decided the case on that legal question, it avoided any analysis or determination of whether Trump’s actions constituted an insurrection. That means, they did not rule on the issue as to whether Trump is immune from any act of insurrection in the January 6 incident.

The decision comes just a day before the Colorado primary and minutes after the ruling, Trump hailed the decision in an all-capital-letters post on his social media site, writing, “Big win for America!!!”

While this is a win for Trump, he is still in a quandary because the ruling only touched on his inclusion in state ballots. There was no ruling as to whether he is immune from acts of insurrection committed during the January 6 “insurrection.”

That issue will still be decided by the Supreme Court and we do not know whether they will decide on it before or after the November general election. Regardless of the timing, definitely it will impact the political landscape of the country.

Meantime, while former South Carolina governor and former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley is still in the race, there is no clear way she will be able to overtake frontrunner former US President Donald Trump this coming Super Tuesday!

This is the biggest day of this year’s primary campaign in 16 states that will vote in contests known as Super Tuesday.  Will the Supreme Court decision impact the Super Tuesday elections? Definitely! Whatever its decision is, it will have a bearing on the election.

Well, the elections are a crucial moment, not only for President Joe Biden and Donald Trump who are the overwhelming front-runners for the Democratic and Republican presidential nominations, respectively, but also for Nikki Haley.

All three will vie for delegates at stake, and whoever have strong performances would move them much closer to becoming their party’s nominee.

The contest will start from Alaska and California to Virginia and Vermont until all the rest of the 16 states are done voting.

As the Super Tuesday contests are going on, opinion polls point to the fact that the vast map seems tailor-made for Trump to roll up an insurmountable lead on Haley. His team has been turning up the pressure on Haley to drop out, and another big win could be a major point in their favor. (Nicholas Riccardi, AP)

At this point in time, Haley was able to amass a considerable amount of campaign money (although slowly some of her financiers are wavering their support after South Carolina) and said she wanted to stay in the race until the Republican National Convention in July i.e.  in case delegates there have second thoughts about formally nominating Trump amidst his legal problems. So, she may not be able to afford another sweeping loss during Super Tuesday.

One of the biggest questions on Tuesday is whether Trump can start repairing his weakness with college graduates and in the suburbs. These, according to statistics, were the clusters that doomed Trump in his 2020 loss to Biden.

Haley, on the other hand, need to at least win one or two of the 16 states to be able to bolster her move to stay up to the July GOP convention. Otherwise, she is doomed to failure and her battle cry to move on will be pointless.

So, we are anticipating another duel between Trump and Biden in 2024, just like what they did in 2020. In 2020, Biden won, but Trump never conceded. If Biden wins in 2024, will Trump not concede again? Well, this was the opinion forwarded by Biden a few weeks ago when he said that “if Trump loses in 2024, he will not concede…”

Are we expecting more court decisions between now and July, the GOP convention? If so, how will it affect the political landscape come the November general election?

All we can do is wait… there’s a lot at stake… a lot of surprises, in this coming 2024 presidential election!