As I See It: Scholars have taken over The Global Urdanetanians (TGU), a non-profit 501-3C!

After 11 years of successfully existing as a non-profit organization (501-3C) based in Southern California, The Global Urdanetanians (TGU) is now ran by the association’s scholars who are now professionals after earning their college degrees via the association’s scholarship program.

The new set of officers who were TGU scholars are Samuel S. Parinas, president, Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Masters of Arts in Education major in English Communication; Harold Mercado, Executive vice President, Bachelor of Science in Education major in PEHM; Marvin S. Gabayan, Vice President for Admin, Bachelor of Science in Criminology; Raymund S. Dulla, vice President for Operations, Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, Masters in Management major in Environmental Planning; Jayson L. Tabal, Sub-Secretary, Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English; and Teofilo D. Serafica Jr., Assistant auditor, Bachelor of Science in Accountancy.

The young officers are ably supported by the rest of the members who have been with TGU for some time now: Secretary – Rosalinda Locquiao; Treasurer- Myrna Calix; Assistant Treasurer – Rey Soliven Escudero; Auditor – Diana S. Gunnell; Public Relations Officers – Elpidio Reasonda Estioko, Edita Bergado-Sison, and Elizabeth DuzonTGU Scholarship Program –Chairman – Rockin Ramil San Juan; Co-chairman -Mia Adanar/ Fe Ranada, Elizabeth Duzon, Armando Sanchez, Elpidio Angeles, Jr.; and TGU scholars.

Special Events USA – Chairman – Fe Gonzales Sepulveda; Co-Chairman – Edita Bergado-Sison, Cynthia Cortez; Assistance and Support Group – Lolay Gozon-Celeste, Greta Ricarte Escudero, Flora Aquino-Sanchez, Choly Susana Campos-Tolentino, Rachel Ann Abalos-Parayno, Michael Dela Cruz; Board of Directors/Advisers – Urdaneta Mayor Julio RAMMY Parayno IIIDr. Clare AdalemFernando Pando Dela CruzGen. (Ret.)Sid LapeñaRamil San JuanFe Gonzales SepulvedaRon SeraGus CastilloMenchu MadriagaNestor Calixand Armando Sanchez.

Chairman of the Board is Past PresidentYvonne San Juan-Sera.

Full of enthusiasm with the mission to giving back to the community, the projects of the new set of officers (the young professionals who were former TGU scholars) areTGU Scholarship – To provide financial assistance and support to deserving students of Urdaneta City empowering them to pursue their educational goals and unlock their full potential; The Wish Project – To fulfill the heartfelt wishes and dreams of individuals under terminal health conditions or hardships, fostering hope and joy; TGU  Cares: Planting for  Greener Tomorrow – To promote environmental sustainability and stewardship by organizing tree planting initiatives, cultivating a greener landscape, and inspiring a collective commitment to preserving our planet for future generations; and the TGU Feeding Program – To alleviate hunger and food insecurity within our community by offering nutritious meals for all individuals and families in need.

With this, I would like to acknowledge our sponsors who generously subsidized the education of their scholars for a minimum of four years until they graduated from their college degrees. If not for them, the scholarship program should have failed.

Yvonne San Juan-Sera, Ron Sera, Rey De Vera, Bernadette De Vera, Norma T. Agulo, and Cynthia Cortez for scholar Samuel S. Parinas; Melinda Gonzales Ajlouny for Harold Mercado; Yvonne San Juan-Sera and Ron Sera for Marvin S. Gabayan; Al Sepulveda, Fe Sepulveda, and Maria Buscemi for Raymund S. Dulla; Dr. Clarita Adalem for Jayson L. Tabal; Julie Agojo, Gus & Girly Castillo, Alfredo Gonzales, and Lino “Jun” & Jennifer Caringal for Teofilo D. Serafica Jr.

Other sponsors include Paz de Guzman-Fontamillas, Fatima Ingram, Cerlito G. San Juan, Fabro Family (Flor, Dom, Dado, and Gloria), Gilda Bravo, Nestor & Myrna Lopez Calix, Nestor & Magi Flores, Joe & Cynthia Cortez, Rey & Bernadette De Vera, Abelle Ann Ave, Gerry Casison, Julie Agojo, Alex Gonzalez, Norma Torres-Agulo, Gina Rafanan, Sandra Arrelano Parish, and Anonymous.

The TGU scholars are VENUS E. CEA, Licensed Professional Teacher, Bachelor of Secondary Education, English  – 2018; RAYMUND S. DULLA, Registered and Licensed Architect, Bachelor of Science in Architecture 2020’ Master in Management major in Environment Planning – 2023; HAROLD S. MERCADO, Licensed Professional Teacher Bachelor of Secondary Education, PEHM – 2018; SAMUEL S. PARINAS, Licensed Professional TeacherBachelor of Arts in Communication – 2018Masters of Arts in Education major in Communication Arts – English – 2024; TEOFILO SERAFICA JR. , Bachelor of Science in Accountancy – 2018; DANNY M. SUAN, Licensed Professional Teacher/Licensed LibrarianBachelor of Science in Library and Information Science – 2018; JAZEL C. CASTANEDA, Licensed Professional TeacherBachelor of Secondary Education, Mathematics  – 2019; JOHARA EGAR, Bachelor of Science in Accountancy – 2019; MARK ERVIN GATCHALIAN, Licensed Professional Teacher Bachelor of Secondary Education, General Science – 2019; MARVIN GABAYAN, Registered Criminologist, Bachelor of Science in Criminology – 2019; HANA A. QUERO, Registered Criminologist, Bachelor of Science in Criminology – 2019; ANDREA C. LLEMOS, Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy – 2020; JEREMY CARPIO, Licensed Professional Teacher, Bachelor of Secondary Education, Mathematics  – 2022; JEZREEL T. CAYETANO, Registered and Licensed Civil Engineer, Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering – 2022; CHRISTIAN DELA CRUZ, Licensed Professional Teacher Bachelor of Secondary Education, General Science – CUM LAUDE 2022; JEVIE T. MOLINA, Licensed Professional Teacher, Bachelor of Secondary Education, General Science – 2022; JAYSON L. TABAL, Licensed Professional Teacher, Bachelor of Secondary Education, English  – 2022; JERIMAE BENAGEN, Registered Mechanical EngineerBachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering – 2023.

The first scholar of TGU in partnership with the Pangasinan Brotherhood – USA (PB-USA) was Marcelino Ordanza, who earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree and is now gainfully employed as an RN at a university hospital in the United Kingdom (UK). Ordanza was a scholar under the term of founding TGU president Lino F. Caringal, Jr. and the rest of the scholars were during the term of past president Yvonne San Juan-Sera.

The scholars have shown that being poor should never be a hindrance to college education! In fact, it breaks the cycle of poverty and makes recipients successful and become worthy members of society!

As a sign of gratitude, the scholars have these to say: President Samuel S.  Parinas – “Maraming salamat, The Global Urdanetanians (TGU) for sending me to school. Without the scholarship, I might still be in college right now and trying to finish my degree, but with your help, I am now working as a professional in my chosen field. I am forever grateful to all of my sponsors. I will do my best to give back to others, to pay it forward as they say. I will begin it through leading the TGU Officers and Board for the coming years with the other scholars and members.”

Executive Vice President Harold Mercado – “I’m forever in debt to TGU for all the opportunities and support I have received. You became my stepping stone, my support system, my constant reminder in life, and my family. I will never be who I am without TGU.”

Vice President for Admin Marvin S. Gabayan – “It will always be an honor to be a part of this organization. As one of the products of TGU, we are always grateful for the opportunity that TGU has given to us. TGU is more than an organization, it is a family for us.”

Vice President for Operations Raymund S. Dulla – “I’m forever grateful that TGU chose me to be one of their scholars. They have given us the opportunity to realize our dreams, and to give back to our families. Thank you TGU.”

Sub-Secretary Jayson L. Tabal – “I have the utmost gratitude for the priceless chance you have given me to continue my education and change my life. My path has been illuminated by your unfailing support, and I will always be grateful for the doors you have opened and the dreams you have made possible. Thank you very much, TGU, for your unwavering belief in me!”

What Nelson Mandela has said: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” is now happening… these TGU scholars are now the change agents of society, the TGU way!


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