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Asian hate crime incidents down in New York

By Gilda Balan, Correspondent

NEW YORK — Asian hate crimes have gone down in New York, the Philippine consulate said last week.

“Hate crimes” in general still occur but those targeting Asian immigrants have not only gone down, they are “not happening” anymore, Philippine Consul General in New York Senen Mangalile was quoted as saying in a Philippine News Agency (PNA) story written by Joyce Anne Rocamora.

Mangalile’s claim should be taken with a grain of salt, however, as no hard data was presented to back it up.

The consul general told visiting Filipino newsmen: “I will say that there is no Asian hate crime prevalence in New York, just hate crimes and that’s driven by the mental health issue of the perpetrators.”

In his talk with the journalists at the Philippine Center in Manhattan, Mangalile further said that during the pandemic there’s really…they’re pinpointing Asians, but now it’s not happening.”

But he seemed to belie his own claim by adding that “everybody has to be aware of their surroundings and take personal precautions as always.”

The PNA story said that at its peak, a 2021 Stop Asian American Pacific Islander Hate study listed Filipinos as third among Asians who were subjected to hate incidents and crimes, behind Chinese and Koreans.

Asian hate crimes in New York state reached 31 in 2020 (the first year of the pandemic), rising to 140 in 2021, stated a 2023 US Commission on Civil Rights report. Of the 2021 total, 131 took place in New York City.

Asian American organizations have often said that hate crime incidents were generally underreported because the victims refused to inform authorities of their experience.

Filipino journalist Marivir Montebon, who works in Queens, said she was not aware of hate crimes against specific ethnicities in the first quarter of this year. “But it doesn’t mean that there’s none,” she was quoted as saying in the story.

A New York City resident said the consul general’s claim that hate crimes against FilAms had totally stopped “seems a little bit exaggerated.”


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