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CA man sentenced for anti-Asian and antisemitic threats

By Gilda Balan, Correspondent

LOS ANGELES — A Northridge, California man has been sentenced to three years and seven months in federal prison.

His crime? The 35-year-old Andre Lackner was found to have sent a series of threats against a woman, while threatening to exterminate Asian Americans and Jewish Americans.

Lackner pled guilty to stalking charges and admitted sending the messages in January, this year, according to the US District Attorney’s office.

A report from the Daily Breeze stated that the original sentence was for five years, but this was reduced to 43 months after the suspect admitted to sending bigoted and racially-motivated threats.

The news report cited court documents which said that from June 2021 to October 2022, Lackner sent the unnamed victim  — referred to only by the initials M.S. – anti-Semitic remarks like “Hitler was right about you people,” “I want to see every single Jew exterminated from this earth,” “Would you like to celebrate the next synagogue shooting?” and “I will make sure I kill a Jew before I leave this earth.”

The Los Angeles Times also covered the story. The widely circulated paper reported that the culprit and the victim actually knew each other in their college days and even had a relationship, which ended amicably. This was in Santa Monica College back in 2006.

Prosecutors said M.S. also received multiple racist threats about Asian Americans such as “Asians are even worse,” and “We need to start more Asian hate” and wipe Asian people “off the planet, too.”

Because of the messages, M.S. began to live in fear for her safety, her family, and the larger community.

M.S. – whose family is Jewish — said she told Lackner to seek help, then reported him to the FBI after getting the threatening and prejudiced messages.

Krysti Hawkins, acting assistant director in charge of the FBI’s LA Field Office, said the defendant “admitted stalking victims based on either their religion or their race by making vile threats for more than a year.”

Hawkins added that the FBI remains committed to its “zero tolerance for criminal activity rooted in hatred.”

For his part, US Attorney Martin Estrada said: “Through this case we send a strong message that we will not tolerate attempts to divide us.”

Lackner has been in federal custody since December, 2022.


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