Stop Asian Hate

CA man sentenced to one year in prison for driving through Stop Asian Hate rally

By Gilda Balan, Correspondent

SAN FRANCISCO – A 58-year-old man from Diamond Bar, CA, was sentenced to a year in prison after he pleaded guilty to driving through a Stop Asian Hate rally in 2021.

Steve Lee Dominguez pleaded guilty to a federal civil rights charge —  one felony count of bias-motivated interference with federally protected activities.

Dominguez’s one-year sentence which was handed out last week is pursuant to the terms of the plea agreement.

US Attorney Martin Estrada told media last October that Dominguez’s decision to attack “a peaceful rally meant to raise awareness of anti-Asian bias was both unlawful and unAmerican.”

Estrada said his office “will remain steadfast in our commitment to safeguard civil rights for all members of our community.”

While driving through the peaceful demonstrators, Dominguez was heard shouting “Go back to China!” and other racial slurs.

Mehtab Syed, acting assistant director in charge of LA’s FBI field office, said: “Mr. Dominguez attacked innocent civilians who were simply standing up for a righteous cause – to protect Asian members of our society from hateful attacks.”

Syed added that last week’s sentencing “represents the FBI’s commitment to ensuring that Constitutionally-protected rights are not violated and those who deny them will be held accountable.”

The rally was being held five days after six Asian American women had been murdered in Atlanta.

Authorities said during the rally , a group of protesters were also at the scene with American flags, voicing anti-Asian slogans.

Dominguez “deliberately drove his car through the intersection’s crosswalk at the red light, made an illegal U-turn into incoming traffic, and cut off the route of several rally participants” who were lawfully demonstrating, said Justice officials in a news release.

The demonstrators were primarily women, although there was one nine-year-old child with them.

Luckily, no one was hurt as Dominguez only narrowly missed hitting the protesters.

After his arrest, Dominguez had been out on a $30,000 bail bond since May 2022.

In October, last year, he pleaded guilty to a single count of interference in federally protected activities.

The relatively light sentence was due to his admission of guilt and because no one was injured as a result of his racially-motivated attack.


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