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Daly City, Quezon City boost partnership with sister-city pact renewal

DALY CITY — Officials of Daly City, considered California’s Filipino town, and Quezon City, the richest city and local government unit in the Philippines, have signed an agreement renewing the sister city partnership of the two vibrant cities.
The signing of the agreement and presentation of the key to the city took place on July 10 (US time) at the Daly City Hall Council Chamber attended by Mayor Raymond Buenaventura and Vice Mayor Juslin Manalo, both Filipino Americans, and Quezon City officials.
Mayor Buenaventura signed the agreement for Daly City while Quezon City Councilor Marra Suntay, representing Mayor Josefina Joy Belmonte, signed the pact.
Suntay was accompanied during the ceremonies by Quezon City Administrator Mike Alimurung, City Planning and Development Department (CPDD) Officer Architect Pedro Rodriguez, CPDD Asst. Officer Andrew Anthony Arevalo, and Chief of Staff Jesus Miguel Suntay.
The signing was followed by a Mile Marker Ceremony the following day on Tuesday, July 11, at 5 p.m. at the City Hall Main Parking Lot Entrance (333 90th Street, Daly City).
Officials of the two cities hailed the renewal of their sister city agreement which they said is expected to boost their partnership.
“We have long known that the key to economic and cultural growth is the support of our diverse communities,”  Mayor Buenaventura said.
“We continue the effort to keep Filipino Americans engaged in our community through the celebration of our culture and connections to the Philippines, and we welcome the delegation to our city,” he said.
“Daly City continues to share the importance of Filipino civic involvement for the progression of our communities and cultures,”  Mayor Buenaventura added.
In a statement, Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte said the renewal of the partnership is a reaffirmation of two cities’ commitment to foster cultural, economic, and educational exchanges.
“We are deeply honored to renew this Sister City Agreement between Daly City and Quezon City,” Belmonte said.

“We look forward to continue strengthening this fruitful partnership and collaboration which highlights our shared values and aspirations,” said Belmonte whose administration scored the highest revenues in the history of the city which is also the highest by any local government unit in the Philippines.

“Together, we will promote our rich cultures and shared heritage, and cooperate towards economic and social development,” Belmonte added.
The two cities first forged their relationship on August 8, 1994 “to foster an awareness of Filipino culture, to encourage the integration of Filipino residents of Daly City into the civic life of the City, and to encourage trade and commerce.”

Daly City Vice Mayor Juslyn Manalo said the sister city partnership is a unique opportunity to bridge the shared cultures within the two Filipino communities beyond the United States.

“I am proud to continue this tradition of global partnership for the prosperity of both cities, highlight civic opportunities, celebrate generations of Filipino culture in Daly City, and recognize the presence of Filipino culture across countries,” she added. (Claire Morales True/