Duterte retracts on ‘drug addict’ claims vs Marcos

DAVAO CITY — Former president Rodrigo Duterte has denied his earlier allegation that President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. was a drug addict as he backtracked on his proposal for Mindanao to break away from the Philippines whose seat of government is in Manila.

In statements during a press conference in Davao City which surprised many supporters, Duterte said he was misquoted on his statement about Marcos’ alleged drug abuse.

“Si Presidente? Wala akong sinabi na ganoon, even if you kill me a thousand times, wala akong sinabi. Taking a drug, pero kung sabihin mong adik, wala akong sinabi na ganoon,” he stressed.

Last month, Duterte told a large crowd of supporters in Davao City: “Bongbong, bangag yan. May drug addict tayo na president.”

“Noong ako ay mayor, pinakitaan ako ng evidence ng PDEA. Doon sa listahan, nandoon yung pangalan mo. Ayaw kong sabihin yan kasi magkaibigan tayo. Kung hindi magkaibigan, magkakilala… eh ikaw eh, pumapasok kayo ng alanganin. Mr. President, baka susunod ka sa dinaanan ng tatay mo. Diyan ako takot, ayaw kong mangyari sa iyo yan,” he sa

But in his latest remarks, Duterte said drugs could also refer to medical drugs.

“Ayaw’g ingna nga wala kay antibiotic kaniadto, wala kay aspirin (‘wag mong sabihin na wala kang antibiotic dati, wala kang aspirin.) They are all drugs,” he said.

Duterte also declined to further discuss plans about the Mindanao independence movement, which he floated earlier.

“It has always been the dream of some people to be independent, pero if it causes a rupture in our entire system sa republika, I will not go for it. Meaning I will not go for a force carving…Mindanao out of the Philippines,” he said.

“I do not want my country dismembered. I do not want a part of my country taken away. I do not want my country to be disturbed physically even the slightest. It goes for Luzon hanggang Jolo,” he added.

He also claimed that Marcos was in a narco list shown to him by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency.

Marcos reacted to the claim of Duterte, saying that his statements may be the effect of the fentanyl he has been taking.

Duterte has admitted to taking fentanyl as medicine for the pain caused by a motorcycle accident