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EDITORIAL: One bad day does not undo President Biden’s massive accomplishments

Ever had a bad day? We all have. President Joe Biden certainly did in his first debate with private citizen Donald Trump last week. Biden’s camp said he was nursing a cold, and we can believe that.

Unfortunately, because he had a bad day, various camps are calling for Biden to withdraw from the presidential race in November. Even within the Democratic Party, sad to say.

At 81, they say Joe Biden is too old to be president.

And what of 78-year-old Trump, who has been showing more and more signs of impending dementia of late? Does he come across as the more competent candidate?

Some people need to think long and hard. Are they, in effect, saying that a convicted felon, also proven guilty by a jury of his peers of sexual assault, is better qualified to be president of the US? He is also accused of multiple other crimes, by the way, yet he is more equipped to handle the affairs of state?

All because the incumbent president had one not-so-good day?

Have they forgotten how Biden knocked it out of the park during his State of the Union address, silencing his non-believers in both parties?

Lest everyone forget  — be they Democrat, Republican, or Independent  — the US is in great shape under Biden. As the old ad from a presidential campaign of long ago said, “It’s the economy, stupid.”

Simply put, to re-elect Joe Biden is to assure that the US economy continues on its growth path. To elect Donald Trump is to guarantee that the economy will again falter and dive deeper into debt.  

Sorry Mr. Robert Kennedy, but for all intents and purposes, there are only two viable candidates for president this year. Some say one is too old, we say the other is too crazy.

Disagree with the latter? Then why ask why not a single Fortune 500 CEO has endorsed Trump. Not one. As everybody knows, the Fortune 500 is the best barometer of how the economy is doing.

Now ask yourselves: A handful of billionaires may have donated to Trump’s campaign, but at what cost? During his messy time in the Oval Office, Trump’s biggest accomplishment was cutting individual and corporate taxes for the super rich. Its effect on the economy was predictable. Growth was non-existent.

After Trump made a mess of it, guess who rescued and revived the US economy, and turned it into the world’s top performing economy?

Hint: His name is Joe, not Donald.

Hand in hand with the booming economy is the employment figure under Biden. It’s simply the best it’s ever been. Now imagine how many millions of jobs will be lost if the wrong president is elected in November.

Be afraid, folks. Be very afraid.

The biggest issue that the Biden administration is inflation. We are not blind to this fact. But neither are we blind to the huge strides Biden has accomplished to tame inflation in recent months.

If you are a billionaire, by all means vote for the convicted felon. But if you are an ordinary man or woman who cares for the future of this country, the choice is obvious.

Old Joe Biden still has what it takes. Let him finish the job.


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