GENERATION EXILE (Cristina Osmena): Long live JoKoy

If the slap Chris Rock had to endure while hosting the Oscars was not proof enough, listen to Ricky Gervais’ monologue at his fifth and final time hosting the Golden Globes. He was basically telling the audience “good riddance” and “get over yourselves—you’re not that important.” And with ten days to the show and the Golden Globe Awards show runners still without a host (because everyone else they asked, including Chris Rock, turned it down), they find our very own JoKoy and throw him under the bus.

When I first heard the monologue, I laughed out loud in several places. His Oppenheimer jokes were good, like the New Year’s resolution to finish Oppenheimer in 2025 and the comment about scientists getting laid. Let’s face it—those were some gratuitous sex scenes in a movie about a physicist. The best one was when he asked Robert DeNiro, “How’d you get her pregnant at 80?”

If the audience had been different, or not there at all to throw cold water on his jokes, JoKoy’s monologue was pretty funny. But it was a tough room and they made him nervous. They smelled blood in a performers way and went in for the kill. There might have been one too many allusions to private parts, but, mostly, JoKoy seemed to me like he was straining not to offend when he wrote his jokes. It brings me to my ultimate point: overwoke cultures like Hollywood are eating their own. They have lost their sense of humor and overgrown their sense of importance. As Ricky Gervais said to them at the 2020 awards, they are not particularly erudite and no one wants to hear their political speeches. For a while, most of these people have fame and money and everyone’s attention. The fame will likely fade. The money will most likely fade with the exception of a few smart ones with honest business and money managers (how many of those exist in Hollywood?). The very real notion that many of those actors sitting at tables at the Golden Globes Award are there on pure dumb luck, good looks, and very little talent must weight heavily on them as they sit there and takes themselves way too seriously. As my daughter has pointed out several times, every Taylor Swift song is based on the same four chords. Every song.

Compare the talent required to come out in a movie like Barbie with what is required to be a comedian. A stand-up comic has to be able to read the room, has to be able to point out the ironies in a way that is funny but doesn’t provoke violence. That takes some serious smarts. The following morning, Whoopi Goldberg, a former host of several awards ceremonies said, “If you don’t know the room, it’s hit or miss.”

And so a very unintelligent but high-profile crowd ganged up on one of our own. We’re the 13th most populated country with a diaspora that is almost 120 million people strong. Let’s cancel them back. The minute I press send on this column, I’m going into my playlists and deleting all my Taylor Swift songs (unlike my daughter, I never noticed that they were all based on the same four chords).

This is personal. I stand behind JoKoy.