HEALTH & WEALTH: Effective and proven ways of sharing the Gospel to our FRANCS

I am sharing Part II of the timely message for the Lenten Season.
Here in San Francisco, let me introduce some precious souls who heard and obeyed the gospel in baptism for the forgiveness of sins (Acts 2:38): RENATO MARCOS, a former Roman Catholic and cousin of Philippine President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr., heard the gospel through the WE CARE gospel presentation arranged by his beloved  wife Deborah Quiniones Marcos. He is now our regular song leader; JACK WANG, Chinese,  was exposed to Buddhism and Communism way back in China. Sister Rose and I were blessed to share the gospel to him. He is now our new brother in Christ and serving in our worship assembly. BORIS QUINONEZ, met American missionaries from various denominations way back in El Salvador who encouraged him to read the Bible but never shared the gospel.  My wife and I were blessed and fortunate to share the gospel to him the other Sunday. He obeyed the gospel and baptism for the remission of all his sins. He is now our Hispanic brother in Christ on his way to HEAVEN like us. REGINA RECORD, is a Caucasian lady who attended the Soul Winners’ Workshop conducted by brother Jon Rowe. At the end of the gospel presentation, Regina decided to obey the gospel in baptism for the forgiveness of all her sins. Regina is so compassionate and dedicated in reaching out to the precious lost souls that she requested and suggested that I conduct series  of sessions for this purpose every Tuesday  7;30  to -8-30pm. When you have that love, compassion, humility and commitment in sharing the gospel, PERSONAL EVANGELISM WILL BECOME A NATURAL LIFESTYLE. You sleep, think, breath and talk the gospel  24/7 365 days a year.
We have 10 effective, practical and proven ways of sharing the gospel to our FRANCS collectively and individually, namely: 1. Prayers, 2.  Make  a written list of EVANGELISM PROSPECTS from among your FRANCS 3.Distribute the gospel tract  “The Mystery that Brings ETERNAL LIFE” 4. FISH STORY using the Fish Bracelet, shared by brother Salvador Cariaga. 5.BOOKS Ministry, 6. Use NEW TESTAMENT Soul Winners Checkbook Edition 7. Use ETERNAL LIFE Outline, 8. WE CARE Ministry Approach, 9. Global MY ANGEL RADIO and  In Search of the Lord’s Way TV 10,  HOSTING  SOUL WINNERS’ WORKSHOP.
1.    PRAYERS  –  Let’s pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians  5:17). Pray that God will open doors and opportunities for the sharing of the gospel to the many precious  lost souls from among our FRANCS. Jon  and Razzle Rowe pray every first hour in the morning: “Oh Lord, please guide and direct me to a precious soul today.”
2.    Make a written EVANGELISM PROSPECTS from among your FRANCS.  I’ve prepared EVANGELISM PROSPECTS Registration Log for your own use. Just fill out the names, addresses and phone numbers from among your Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, Neighbors, Co-Workers, Strangers. Then, post your EVANGELISM PROSPECTS LIST inside your home where you can see it everyday. Pray for your prospects that God will open their hearts and mind.
3.    DISTRIBUTE the gospel tract “The Mystery that Brings ETERNAL LIFE” – This gospel tract, prepared by brother Terry Denis and his son Gilford Denis, combined the WE CARE Approach and Seekers Guide. It has been translated into the major languages  and Philippine like Tagalog, Chinese, Spanish, Ilocano, Pangasinan, Cebuano, Etc. The gospel tract is now being distributed by members of many congregations in the Philippines.
4.    FISH STORY Using the Fish Bracelet –  The Fish Bracelet, shared by brother Salvador Cariaga, is effective “ice breaker” to bring our FRANCS to the Prince of Peace. I used it to initiate WE CARE Gospel presentation to Rachel, a Jewish lady, who was subsequently  baptized by brother Marcus Dancer. My wife used the FISH Bracelet to initiate WE CARE Gospel presentation to HENRY CHIN, our Chinese neighbor, who became our brother in Christ. Mark John Distor, young preacher in the Province of Isabela, Philippines motivated all the members  of his congregation to wear the Fish Bracelet. As a result, MJ (his initial name like Michael Jordan) got more WE CARE Gospel presentations. After one year, active members more than doubled.
5.    BOOKS MINISTRY –  The BOOKS MINISTRY initiated by brother Terry Denis, brother John Jeffrey and yours truly now has seven good books namely: “HISTORICITY OF JESUS” subtitled “Facts and Evidences for Agnostics, Atheists, Believers and Christians,” “R.A.W. WISDOM” subtitled “FINDING PEACE IN THE MIDST OF CHAOS,”  LIFESTYLE FOR LONGEVITY,” subtitled “How to be Healthy Emotionally, Financially, Physically, Sexually and Spiritually,” LONGEVITY TIPS” subtitled “Secrets You Can Discover and Do for Good Health and Longevity,” LAUGHTER FOR GOOD HEALTH,” subtitled “Humorous Anecdotes and Stories on Cooking Events, Family, History and Personalities,” “JESUS CHRIST” subtitled  “The Final Days on Earth Before His Return to Heaven,” and “REAL ESTATE & YOU” subtitled “Your Basic Guide and Information for Successful Investing in Home, Land and Income Property.”
The ongoing updates on these books will include ETERNAL LIFE Outline , gospel tract “The Mystery that Brings ETERNAL LIFE,” and baptism pictorials of JAMES PHILIPS, RENATO MARCOS, REGINA RECORD, JACK WANG, BORIS QUINONEZ and others. Every autographed page will include “GO! Share the Gospel!! See YOU in HEAVEN !!! Love in Christ. Through our BOOKS MINISTRY, you can order these books at author’s special cost which is 70% discount from the regular Amazon price. You can, therefore.  use these books as effective tools in reaching out to your prospects by giving them as lasting gifts on Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year and other special occasions.
The 6-10 ways of sharing the gospel will be discussed in my next sermon on Sunday, August 18, 2024 to commemorate my 78th Birthday. I hope and pray that you’ll come back to hear the final portion of my message.
RENATO MARCOS, REGINA RECORD, JACK WANG, BORIS QUINONEZ, JAMES PHILIPS and other hundreds and thousands of converted precious souls are solid evidence that the gospel is the power of God to salvation. But the best and solid proof and evidence that the gospel is the power of God to salvation is your humble servant standing before you this morning. I was a Roman Catholic in the elementary grades; a Methodist in high school years; an agnostic during my college days because of my association with the late Jose Ma. Sison, founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines. By the grace and mercy of God, I searched and meditated on the Scriptures, understood the real Jesus in the Bible; His Death, Burial and Resurrection and obeyed the gospel in baptism for the forgiveness of ALL my sins in the summer of 1972. I am standing before you this morning as a plain Christian, with love, compassion and humility in sharing the gospel in its purity and simplicity to the precious lost souls from among our FRANCS.
V – CONCLUSION AND INVITATION:  As conclusion and invitation, let us read together the urgent and serious warning of the Apostle Paul  in 2 Thessalonians 1:7-9
Apostle Paul mentioned that there are two conditions of those who will go to eternal damnation in HELL: 1.Those who do not know God; 2.Those who refused to obey the gospel in baptism for the forgiveness of sins
This morning, you’re blessed and fortunate to know the real Jesus in the Bible; His Death, Burial and Resurrection, and how to obey the gospel in baptism for the forgiveness of ALL your sins.  You can obey the gospel in baptism NOW so that you’ll have eternal life in HEAVEN.  The baptistery is ready with warm water.
You don’t have any excuse or alibi, not even the Super Bowl because it will take only few seconds for you to be immersed and wash away ALL your sins (Acts 22:16). Your decision this morning will determine whether you’ll go to eternal life in HEAVEN or eternal damnation in HELL. Don’t be like King Agrippa who said: “Paul, you almost persuade me to become a Christian.”  (Acts 26:27-29). Almost a Christian like King Agrippa will not bring YOU to eternal life in HEAVEN but surely eternal damnation in HELL!
If you’ve been a Christian but became lukewarm, we encourage YOU to REPENT before it’s too late. Whatever your needs, we invite YOU to come forward as we sing the invitation song “TRUST AND OBEY.”
(ART GABOT MADLAING is accredited and commissioned Notary Public and licensed Real Estate Broker in California since 1981. He is the founder of MOBILE SIGNING SERVICES, FITNESS FOR HUMANITY (aka FITNESS FOR CHRIST) and ACAPINOY. Art is active Evangelist with the GOLDEN GATE CHURCH OF CHRIST in San Francisco, California USA. He can be reached at (650) 438-3531 or (415) 584-7095  or mail: