Iglesia ni Cristo (INC): No sign of slowing down

SAN FRANCISCO – Another remarkable year of accomplishments for the Church of Christ or the Iglesia Ni Cristo. Last July 27, 2023 the Church celebrated its 109th founding anniversary. The phenomenal growth of the Iglesia Ni Cristo has blossomed globally and can now be found in 165 countries.  INC has shown no sign of slowing down.

Year in and year out the Church has transformed the landscape of various localities not just in the Philippines but from around the world.  The Iglesia Ni Cristo continue to build sustainable, state of the art edifices and imposing houses of worship. It constructs environmental-friendly offices and School for Ministers buildings.

Under the excellent leadership of Brother Eduardo V Manalo, Executive Minister of the Iglesia Ni Cristo the Church have impressively constructed, built and renovated a staggering 3,852 houses of worship since he took over as Executive Minister or Tagapamahalang Pangkalahatan in September 2009. This means the Iglesia Ni Cristo through his dynamic leadership have built or renovated a new chapel practically every 3 days worldwide. 

To prove a point, here are some more numbers that have left the viewing observer in awe and in amazement. Do you know that during the pandemic, INC built and repaired 591 houses of worship. Consider also that from July 2022 to July 2023 they have constructed 90 new chapels 58 of which are in the Philippines, 4 in the United States, 1 in Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada, 1 in Zambia, Africa and another 2 in Japan.  Add to that the 24 Barangay chapels plus 132 were built, remodeled and renovated.  It is astonishing to note that one of the newest chapels built from ground up by the Iglesia Ni Cristo located in Ilugin, Pasig City  cost almost 200 million pesos ( 193,347,189.25 to be exact).

It also built 8 imposing INC District offices in Davao Del Sur, 2 in the province of Pangasinan, 2 in Isabela province, 1 in Laguna, 1 in Masbate and 1 in Cotabato. Add 3 more under construction in Cagayan province, Quirino and Maguindanao. Additionally, it completed 2 buildings dedicated for School For Ministers in Bacolod City and Cebu City with 2 more under construction in Lipa, Batangas and General Santos City, Cotabato. The Church is currently constructing 106 new houses of worship worldwide plus another 136 being repaired and renovated.

Moreover, If you get the opportunity to listen to the homily of Brother Eduardo, he attributes all of the Church accomplishments to the help of our Almighty God. That is why for members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo it is always a delight and at the same time incumbent upon us to help not just in the propagation and sharing of the Gospel but in the works of christian giving.

These gothic architectural fabric designs that you get to see wherever you may be will continue to rise and will continue to provide magnificence and landmark all for the Glory of God. After all, the Iglesia Ni Cristo has shown no sign of slowing down (