Kathryn Bernardo says she’s healed; fans prefer Alden Richards over Jericho Rosales for her

By Jennifer T. Santos

Good news to fans of Kathryn Bernardo.

After her breakup last November with Daniel Padilla, she now admits that she is healed and looks forwards to many projects.

Kathryn and her close friends just recently celebrated her birthday in El Nido, Palawan without Daniel Padilla, of course, but her co-star Alden Richards and actor Jericho Rosales were there with other friends.

This led fans and social media users to comment on the next possible partner of Kathryn – Alden or Jericho?

And it looks like social media users prefer Alden  over Jericho to pair with Kathryn Bernardo, Philippine Star’s Jan Milo Severo reported.

Citing a recent poll by Philstar.com, Severo reported that Alden was the runaway winner among Facebook users. 

Meanwhile, Kathryn admitted  that she’s now healed.

In her interview with Mega Magazine as PhilStar reported, Kathryn said she’s now in a better position in life.

“Now, where I am is exactly where I’m supposed to be. February for me is the new January. Parang ’yon ’yong tapos na. I know that I’m okay. I can say I’m healed,” she said.

“You have to experience all the process, all the pain, lahat. But I always make sure that when it comes to my work, nothing is affected,” she added.

Kathryn also talked about forgiveness in her interview, Jan Milo Severo wrote.

“Ang lalim kasi ng word na forgiveness. For me, you can forgive people who deserve it. But when I forgive you, it doesn’t mean that I have to keep you in my life. I forgive you for my peace of mind, for clarity, and for everything. But it doesn’t mean na puwede kang bumalik. It depends,” she said.

“I’ll just keep my distance; you keep your distance. We’re okay like that. I mean, kunwari, I got hurt, why would I allow you to come back? It depends. It’s a case-to-case basis,” she added in the report.

Kathryn and Daniel announced their breakup last November 30.

In another issue, Daniel  allegedly prohibited Kathryn from doing “Hello Love Goodbye” (HLG) sequel with Alden Richards. 

Veteran entertainment reporter Reggee Bonoan reported in Bandera that a source told her that the blockbuster movie’s sequel was in the works right after it became successful when it was released in 2019, but Daniel prohibited his then girlfriend Kathryn to do it. 

“Nu’ng kumita ang HLG, may follow-up agad sana at naka-set na kaso nagkaroon ng pandemya kaya 2021 dapat sinimulan. Eh, umarya ang lolo Daniel mo at binawalan si Kathryn na ‘wag gawin kaya hindi natuloy,” the source said.

Now that Daniel and Kathryn are already separated, the sequel will possibly be in the works, the source added.

“Eh, ngayong hiwalay na, itinuloy na. Wala nang bawal-bawal kay Kathryn ngayon. Gagawin niya ang alam niyang makagaganda sa career niya at saka kaibigan niya si Alden noon pa,” the source said as Philstar.com reported. 

“Hello Love Goodbye” was once the top grossing Filipino movie of all time with P880 million until Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera’s 2023 movie, “Rewind,” topped it with P900 million. “Mas ok si Alden Kasi halata na matino at hindi loko-loko,” a Facebook user commented. 

“Siympre ung hndi kasal. Sakit nyo sa ulo, may asawa ‘yung isa e,” another user wrote. 

Meanwhile, some commentors want Kathryn to stay single and enjoy her life, according to Philstar.com.

“Wala, Kat is better off alone for now. Rediscover herself first,” a Facebook user commented. 

“Sino tayo para pumili para sa kanya? Our choice is irrelevant,” another commented. 

Meanwhile, Alden surprised Kathryn at her post-birthday party. In her birthday, Alden sang during the El Nido party.

In Earl Semitara’s Instagram (IG) account, the creative director shared videos of the celebration on his IG story. 

In the video, Alden can be seen giving a bouquet of red roses to Kathryn. 

They were also seen having a sweet moment while they were taking a photo together. 

Alden and Kathryn were co-stars in the smash hit 2019 film “Hello, Love, Goodbye.” Fans have been wanting to see a sequel or continuation of the movie since it was released almost five years ago. 

Kathryn and Jericho have been spotted in several occasions, such as a late-night jog and the latest birthday celebration of talent maker and former Star Magic head Johnny Manahan.