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Lexi Reese raises $1.1 M in campaign for California’s U.S. Senate seat

SAN MATEO COUNTY – Lexi Reese, a Democrat, tech industry executive, and small business advocate running for California’s U.S. Senate seat, announced raising $1.1 million in the 2nd quarter – just weeks after jumping in the race.

“We’re proud of our fundraising progress so far. But we’re even more proud of the connections we’ve made with Californians and the conversations we’ve had about the same set of concerns we hear over and over: homelessness, safety, childcare, education, job security and small business support,” said Lexi Reese. “We don’t need more career politicians scoring political points. We need efficient problem solvers in the Senate who understand systems and can produce solutions that stem from a diverse perspective.”

About Lexi Reese:

Lexi Reese has devoted her life and career to helping people thrive. She’s created thousands of high-quality jobs for those who have been overlooked and undervalued. She’s unlocked meaningful opportunities for small business owners, especially for women and people of color. And she deeply understands the American workforce, labor markets, and income inequality. Her leadership philosophy is centered around empowering others.


  • As Chief Operating Officer of Gusto, she successfully fought for small businesses to access more than $2.5 billion in federal loans to protect their teams during the COVID-19 pandemic when big banks were blocking them out.

  • At Google, Reese helped small businesses compete with big chains and helped writers and other content creators get paid for their work.

  • She launched the Make Mine a Million program at American Express to provide loans, coaching, and networking to women and BIPOC small business owners.

  • It the nonprofit Accion International, Reese successfully advocated for hundreds of millions in micro-financing for entrepreneurs, particularly women of color, to start businesses.

Reese lives in San Mateo County with her husband and their two daughters. (Claire Morales True)