Marcos, Sara approval, trust ratings down: Pulse Asia

 MANILA – If a recent survey is to be believed, President Ferdinand Marcos. Jr’s trust and approval ratings are down by double digits while that of Vice President Sara Duterte dipped one digit only.

This in gist is the result of the latest Pulse Asia survey released Tuesday and published in various media in Manila and elsewhere.

The survey, however, showed that Marcos remains appreciated by the majority of Filipinos.

Marcos’ performance rating slipped 13 points from 68 in December 2023 to 55 in March 2024, according to the survey. 

The President’s performance ratings were down across the board with the biggest cuts in Mindanao (40 percent from 62 percent) and Class E (48 percent from 68 percent).

Meanwhile, his trust rating slid 16 points in the March 2024 survey at 57 percent from 73 percent in December 2023. His trust scores also logged the biggest drops in Mindanao (38 percent in March from 70 percent in December ) and Class E (45 percent from 74 percent).

Vice President and Education Secretry Sara Duterte’s trust rating only lost 7 points at 71 percent from 78 percent in March. Her biggest drop of 16 points was in Metro Manila (60 from 76) , followed by Class E (69 from 84), Class ABC (68 from 78), and Visayas (72 from 83).

Duterte’s performance rating went down to 67 percent from 74 percent, with the biggest drop in Class E where she slipped to 65 percent from 79 percent.

Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri’s trust rating gained 2 points at 53 percent, while his performance rating went up to 52 percent from 49 percent.

Speaker Martin Romualdez’s trust rating went down to 31 percent from 40 percent. He took double digit drops in Visayas, Mindanao and Class E.

His performance rating also slid to 31 percent from 39 percent. He suffered double digit drops in Mindanao (25 percent from 42 percent) and Class E (20 percent from 50 percent). 

The survey was conducted from March 6 to 10, 2024. (Jennifer T. Santos)