Offline: How many more acts before Junior takes action?

To be perfectly honest, I have forgotten the number of times Chinese ships have rammed Philippine boats in the past decade. My best guess is maybe half a dozen, although I could be way, way off base.

The rammings – if there is such a word  — were mostly done by the China Coast Guard, although there have been instances when private ships were involved. I recall one case where a large Chinese fishing vessel hit a Filipino-owned boat, which was cut in half.

Sometime after, a Chinese millionaire reportedly donated a brand new boat for the displaced fishermen, none of whom were injured by the incident, except maybe for their pride and loss of self-respect.

For them, it was a clear act of bullying, and their government was powerless to do anything.

To be fair, it did not happen in the past two years of the Marcos Junior regime. I may be wrong, but it must have happened during the Duterte administration.

Instead of taking action, the government bided its time and waited for China to take remedial action. It may have taken a few months, but the government wanted everyone to believe that it was a case of all’s well that ends well.

The Pinoy fishermen, especially the owner of the destroyed boat, had a brand new replacement vessel, so they were expected to be grateful to them, thar generous China folk. After all, the replacement boat must have been work more than the wrecked one.

Why the people were not jumping up and down like crazed monkeys  — to paraphrase a line from a late famous lawyer/politician/Cabinet secretary named Joker was beyond yours truly.

Looking back, that little incident set the stage for future aggressive actions by Chinese seamen against the hapless Pinoy fisherfolk. I don’t distinguish between the China Coast Guard, Navy, or militia pretending to be commercial fishing boats. They’re all the same.

As a mediaman on social media said recently, we should love the Chinoys (Chinese Pinoys) but hate the Chinese, or words to that effect. After all, he said, Chinoys are nothing more than Filipinos with Chinese blood.

A good friend has another take. The only good Chinaman is a dead….never mind. You all know what he said, and as far as he’s concerned, his is a righteous anger.

I have other friends who would agree, and it’s hard to blame them because the progressively aggressive actions being taken by Chinese in Philippine waters has gotten a lot of Filipinos wanting to take counter aggressive action.

Not that Junior would allow it.

No one knows what should be done, least of all the supposed president of the country, who talks the talk but has given no indication of walking the walk.

He has said on several occasions that the Philippines would not surrender an inch of Philippine territory to outside forces, meaning China. But his lame solution has always been to tell the Department of Foreign Affairs to file a formal complaint against China. In a few cases, the Chinese embassy is told to explain what happened, and guess what? Rarely, if ever, has the Chinese embassy in Manila sent its ambassador to give his formal reply. Usually, it’s his second or even third in command who heads for the DFA headquarters or even to the presidential Palace to give a meaningless explanation.

AS for China itself, their foreign ministry or their armed forces chief or whoever the hell wants to act big will issue a statement blaming the Philippines for being the aggressor.

In so many words, they will say: How dare you lowly Filipinos and your weak armed forces engage our ships in the South China Sea.

As for your so-called West Philippine Sea, we don’t acknowledge its existence because it doesn’t appear in any of our maps.

So why don’t you fck off and make nice with mighty China instead? If you do, we will promise to grant you humungous loans for whatever project you tell your people will be for their benefit sometime in the not too distant future.

Now, because Junior likes to say that the Philippine will never surrender an inch of its territory, why not engage China in a game of who will blink first? The boy president also said that loss of life is where he will draw the line.

Well guess what? In the latest collision, a Filipino seaman was seriously injured.

As China has been committing progressively aggressive action against helpless Philippines, the next step is clear as day. China will commit maximum damage, resulting in the loss of life, be it a fisherman, scientist, or Coast Guard.

I do not want it to happen but I am predicting it because of the meaningless actions that Junior approves of.

I will also predict that whoever loses his (or her) life will be turned into an instant hero, and the family will be the recipient of generous cash gifts, not only from Malacanang, but also the Senate, the House, the private sector, and maybe even a Chinese billionaire or two.

Hey, maybe even the mother and son tandem in the Senate will donate a nice two-storey, single detached house to the widow and kids of the slain fisherman (I still do not accept the word fisherfolk, ok?) in a subdivision of their choosing.

It goes without saying that China will still blame the Philippines for the casualty of the undeclared war at sea. Our West Philippine Sea.

His dedicated followers will ask me the obvious question: What do you want our beloved president to do, you damn dilawan?

How about this: With every assault on our kababayans in our waters, downgrade our diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic. Little by little, step by step.

No, we should not break our ties with Xi and his Communist Party of China. But we should make it clear that we have had enough of China’s diplomatic double talk.

Scrap the educational and cultural exchanges with China, at least for the time being.

Do not allow Chinese tourists into the country. Let them go to North Korea instead. We want more Chinese tourists? Yes and no. We should spread out the red carpet to travelers from Taiwan. They’re the good kind of Chinese, aren’t they?

Rethink the One China policy. Our good friends from Taiwan have made it perfectly clear that they do not want to unify with the People’s Republic, so let’s respect the wishes of the Taiwanese majority.

Raid and deport all POGO managers and employees of obvious Chinese citizenship.

Incidentally, not too long ago, a number of our senators demanded that Beijing’s ambassador to Manila be declared persona non grata. Why not?

My point is that the Philippine government should stop diplomatic protests each time there is an incident, as China ignores those scraps of paper anyway.

Take some action, instead. At the very least, the pent up anger of the Filipino people will be appeased, even a little.

As for me, I’d flatten all the tires of all the cars of the Chinese embassy in Manila. But then, I’m just an angry Pinoy kid at heart.


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