Pia Wurtzbach Jauncey ready to have kids?

Is beauty queen and actress Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach ready to have kids?

The Filipino-German model and influencer answered the poser following her marriage with British businessman Jeremy Jauncey, but her answer was not definitive.

On Instagram, the former Miss Universe addressed inquiries from her followers, including questions regarding her intentions of starting a family, according ABS-CBN in a report .

In an earlier report, Pia said she decided to stay with her husband in Dubai where he is based, disclosing that she had to dispose off her properties in the Philippines to be able to devote her time to a new chapter of her life.

“I guess I’ll start with this because literally every 4 questions I get, there’s one question about us having kids,” she started in the report.

Turning candid about the matter, she added: “Honestly I find these questions so personal. I wonder why this is considered a normal thing to ask though?”

According to ABS-CBN, without directly answering the question, Pia, who is now 33, sounded exasperated and said: “First it was ‘Kailan ka mag-aasawa?’ Now it’s constantly ‘kailan kayo magkaka-anak?’”

The former Miss Universe surprised her social media followers in May when she revealed that she is already married.

She uploaded a video that showed scenes from her simple beach wedding with the travel entrepreneur at North Island in Seychelles.

Based on the post’s caption, they tied the knot last March 24.

Pia first confirmed her relationship with Jauncey, the man behind the popular travel page Beautiful Destinations, in June 2020.

They announced their engagement in May 2022, and celebrated their third anniversary last January.

There were only three witnesses to the private beach wedding held in a luxurious complex on the remote northern island of Seychelles: friends Michael Gray, Georgia Ma, and the priest. Gray acted as the videographer for the couple.
Celebrities were quick to congratulate the couple, however.
In June 2020, Pia and Jeremy went public with their relationship. In May 2022, the couple announced their engagement.
Pia and Jeremy later shared on social media some romantic photos of their wedding in Seychelles last March 24.

The images were captioned: “Just the two of us.”

Pia and Jeremy surprised fans with a video of their wedding on social media on May 6.

ABS-CBN reported that designer to the beauty queens Bessie Besana took to social media to share the story behind the wedding dress he created for Pia Wurtzbach.

According to Besana in the report, Wurtzbach asked him over breakfast in New York in November last year if he could design a wedding dress for her.

“I wasn’t able to respond immediately because I honestly didn’t think that I was even going to be an option. She then proceeded to say, ‘I want it to be done by a friend and you know me so much and I want you to be a part of my wedding,'” he recalled.

“I admittedly cried a little inside and felt some tears starting to build up at the end of my eyes because I was sincerely touched by her decision,” he added.

Besana said the process of designing Wurtzbach‘s wedding dress went “very smoothly,” saying he is happy with “how much trust she has given me with my suggestions and technical decisions.”

Pia, you are truly a great person and I am eternally grateful for how much you have impacted my life. Thank you for always believing in me and my craft of fashion,” he said.

Besana went on to reveal that the wedding dress he created for Wurtzbach is based on how Jauncey envisioned her as his bride.

He said he found it unconventional yet interesting, as most brides tend to have their own idea of how they will look like on their big day. (Jennifer T. Santos)