Quiboloy admits going into hiding due to ‘death threats from US’

By Beting Laygo Dolor, Manila Editor

MANILA  — Where in the world is Pastor Apollo Quiboloy? 
He says he’s in hiding because the US is after him, while also saying that he has not left the country but is only cooling his heels in his Davao compound.

The controversial Quiboloy had suddenly made himself scarce, with rumors swirling that he had flown out of the country in his private jet.

Quiboloy, however, came out in the open just long enough on Wednesday, Feb 21, to claim that he really was hiding because the US with the consent of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. had given orders for him to be killed.

In a 36-minute voice message posted on YouTube, Quiboloy said he was initially planning to host a press conference to explain his absences from Congressional hearings, but changed his mind “because my life is under threat that is why you won’t see my face, for now.”

Instead of being arrested by US authorities, Quiboloy said the new plan was to enter his compound “and they will have me kidnapped, or they will have me murdered.”

He also mentioned that his enemies were trying to “demonize me and destroy my reputation.”

What is true is that Quiboloy is in the FBI’s most wanted list of fugitives from the law. He is accused of multiple crimes in the US, including attempted gun running and dollar salting, as well as sex trafficking.

The Quiboloy saga took an odd turn when several local news organizations reported that former president Rodrigo Duterte and Vice President Sara Duterte had recently visited the religious leader’s compound, and left with “bags of firearms.”

Without answering the allegation, VP Duterte said all the negative publicity recently surrounding her and her family was the handiwork of “presidential aspirants.”

Besides the Senate, Quiboloy had also snubbed the House of Representatives multiple times. The House Committee on Legislative Franchises is investigating the Sonshine Media Network International (SMNI), founded and owned by Quiboloy’s Kingdom of Jesus Christ church for alleged violations of its franchise.

Unless he shows up, the House body has threatened to cancel SMNI’s franchise, which is currently suspended by the National Telecommunications Commission after it failed to heed the original 30-day suspension from broadcasting following complaints from House Speaker Martin Romualdez that the station had aired false data about his travel expenses.

The Senate had been investigating alleged crimes of Quiboloy against women, several of whom had testified that the religious leader had turned them into virtual sex slaves.

Senator Riza Hontiveros threatened to cite Quiboloy in contempt if he still refused to show up at the next scheduled hearing of the Senate Committee on Women and Children, which she heads.

Quiboloy’s odd accusation that the US – specifically the Federal Bureau of Investigation – was after him following unconfirmed reports that a $2 million bounty had been placed on his head.