Sarah, Matteo put up their own G Productions

In the music industry, there are but a handful who possess the rare combination of talent, determination, and resilience to truly make a mark. Sarah Geronimo, actress and performer, and just recently, concert producer, falls into this category.
Throughout her 20-year career, Sarah has captured the hearts of millions with her captivating voice and electrifying stage presence.
However, it is her recent venture into entrepreneurship that has truly set her apart. With the support and encouragement of her husband, Matteo Guidicelli, Sarah Geronimo has embarked on a new journey as the boss of her own company, G Productions.

She relieved this at her launch as the newest SunLife endorser last Saturday at the Sofitel Hotel in Pasay City. With G Productions, Sarah said she aims to create more opportunities for talented individuals who need the extra push.

“Parang may mga nakikitaan kami ng potential na we feel like kulang sa push,” she said, “parang ‘di napu-push masyado, galing ng artist na to pero hindi nama-maximize ‘yung capabilities nya as an artist. And ako din po may nakikita na music na io-offer sa’kin pero may naiisip ako na certain artist na parang mas bagay to sa artist na to so sinasabi ko, Love, parang nice in the future na hindi naman manage pero parang mai-involve din tayo sa production ng kung ano mang project ‘yun.”

Sarah’s foray into entrepreneurship as the boss of G Productions marks an exciting chapter in her already illustrious career. Aside from G Productions, she and Matteo have also put up their own G Studio.

“Wala pa kasi studio sa Alabang and marami tayo kaibigan from the industry who live in the south,” said Sarah.

“My wife has a businesswoman heart, it’s inside her,” Matteo proudly said.

But it has not always been the case, as Sarah herself related that she nurtured her creative side as a young performer.

“Creative side lang po talaga ako, kasi lumaki ako na ganon, ‘di ba Love? [Pero] part ‘yun ng growth mo – tama ‘yun, Love? – na maging maalam ka sa pera kasi parte ‘yan ng buhay,” she said.

Matteo maintains he’s just an “extra” or bit player, choosing to cheer his wife from the sidelines. As the boss of her own company, Sarah now has the freedom to make artistic decisions, collaborate with like-minded individuals and bring her creative visions to life.

“We are really encouraging Sarah that this is hers,” stated Matteo. “G Productions is hers.

She is the president of G Productions, she has creative control. Ako, extra lang ako. I’m just here to support my wife. I want to make her feel that she can do what she wants to do.

“With G Productions, with Viva, this is her company. I’m just here to support, it’s all her brains, all her creativity. So that’s GProductions. And G Studios, our physical studio, we’re opening end of July…,” he added.