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Sen. Nancy Binay mulls running for Makati mayor

MAKATI CITY — Sen. Maria Lourdes Nancy Binay  is contemplating running for mayor in Makati City, their clan’s home turf, and is ready to sacrifice her relationship with the husband of her sister, incumbent Mayor Mar-Len Abigail Abby Binay, for the good of Makati.

Mayor Binay is now on her final term as mayor, while her husband Luis Campos is currently a congressman and wants to succeed her, ABS-CBN reported.

The lady senatorr said there’s a 70% chance that the trajectory of her future plans is for Makati.

She said she remains open to talk with the camp of her brother-in-law, who reportedly declared his own plan to run for mayor of the city.

Binay said she has to exert effort to avoid a conflict in the family. 

She admitted that there’s a possibility of a showdown for the top post in their turf with her brother-in-law. 

“What will be good for Makati yung consideration, kung kailangan  na i-sacrifice yung in-law relationship para doon sa mga kababayan ko sa Makati, we have to sacrifice that,” Binay said. 

(If I have to sacrifice my relationship with my brother-in-law for the good of Makati, so be it. I will decide based on what’s good for Makati.)

“Away-pamilya pa din yun  sakin parang ayoko mawalan ng pag-asa na hindi mangyari na magkakaroon uli ng ganung gulo sa pamilya but tulad nang nabanggit mo, nangyari na nga yung scenario na may gulo ulit talagang malaki yung probability mangyayari yung ganung gulo,” Binay said. 

“Siguro ang di ko alam kung tama yung word na okay, hindi Binay vs Binay na mangyayari  di ba kasi di naman Binay yung apelyido ng brother in law ko.”

(That’s still a family feud. I don’t want to lose hope but it already happened in the past so there’s a chance of it happening again. If at all, what’s okay, if okay is even the appropriate word, is that it won’t be Binay vs Binay because my brother in law has another surname.) 

While she has yet to make a final announcement, Binay said she’s already preparing, ABS-CBN reported.

The outgoing senator, who chairs the Senate Committee on Accounts which manages the institutional finances of the chamber, said they are aiming to have their 1st session for 2025 in the new Senate building in Taguig. 

She said it’s 80 percent complete. She added that equipment like the elevators have been delivered. She said there was a delay in the procurement of the skylight for the plenary hall. She expects the building to be fully completed by July 2025. 

She, however, had doubts if the Senate can host the annual State of the Nation Address at their new building. Binay said that while the plenary hall can accommodate the over 300 congressmen of the House of Representatives, there may not be a holding room for them before the session. 

The new Senate plenary hall was built for 54 senators but without desks, it can have lawmakers from the larger chamber. The cost has gone over P10 billion.


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