Sharon opens up on health concerns, Kiko, cancelled concert with Gabby

Veteran actress-singer Sharon Cuneta has opened up on health and other issues.

The Mega Star revealed that she is on the path to recovery from her hip pain. 

She also disclosed she was emotionally sad because her concert follow-up with ex-husband Gabby Concepcion did not push through due to some misunderstanding

Sharon also said she was bothered by some netizens who commented on her post about her family with that of husband former Senator Francisco Kiko Pangilinan cropped out.

She later admitted the cropped-out photo, claiming it was made at a time when she and husband were “fighting.”

In an interview as reported by her mother studio ABS-cBN, Sharon opened up about her health journey, shedding light on the challenges she faced and the progress she has made towards regaining her mobility.

Cuneta disclosed in the ABS-CBN report that her hip pain was a result of hereditary factors with underlying conditions such as lumbar lordosis and a pinched nerve in her back dating back to 2013.

The pain management strategies she had adopted over the years were put to the test when she experienced a flare up on the right side of her hip and was diagnosed with osteoarthritis, according to the report 

Cuneta said her pain caused physical and emotional toll on her.

“The x-ray also said I have osteoarthritis so parang when I walk ang sakit dito sa may joint area. I was only able to walk straight again thankfully under my physical therapy instructions — the first that I was able to walk again was just three days ag. I still feel it. I’m on a painkiller right now but it’s getting better. I was so scared, I told Kiko (Pangilinan), I thought I wouldn’t go back to normal at all, so praise God for that,” she said.

Cuneta said she is optimistic about her improving condition and the gradual restoration of her mobility.

Sharon aired her side over her controversial recent misunderstanding with her ex-husband Gabby following their successful collaboration concert “Dear Heart” in Mall of Asia Arena last October to November.

At a round table interview last night following her performances to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the “Sheroes” campaign of Filipino insurance company InLife (Insular Life) for which she is the endorser, the award-winning actress-singer disclosed that “Dear Heart” was supposed to be followed up with another concert, “P.S. I love you,” also taking its title from Sharon and Gabby’s movie.

“The next show was supposed to be called ‘P.S. I love you.’ Sorry, let’s be honest,” Sharon began as Philippine Star reported.

According to her, “P.S. I love you” was supposed to be a “better” concert than its predecessor.

“The repertoire was supposed to be much better than ‘Dear Heart.’ It was a beautiful show, kasado na! Everyone was ready,” she shared, according to Philippine Star

But the follow-up concert did not push through, she said, because negotiations failed between her and Gabby.

“Apparently, negotiations did not go through, okay, I will not say. But let’s just say hindi s’ya natuloy not because of us.”

The actress said she was actually “excited” to perform again with her ex.

“I was so excited and ready to go. So sayang, nanghihinayang ako, because I made so many of our fans happy, I wanted to make many more of them happy.” 
Cuneta said she thinks the concert will no longer push through.

 On another topic, Sharon admitted she made a mistake when a photo of her husband, with his head cropped out went viral on social media.

The image, featuring Cuneta and their children alongside Pangilinan without his head visible, sparked online chatter before Cuneta promptly removed it and expressed regret over the impulsive act, ABS-CBN reported.

According to the report, Cuneta said the controversial photo was a result of her lack of caution, acknowledging that she and Pangilinan were in the midst of a disagreement at the time of the post.

“Nag-aaway kami nun, sorry. You know, we have problems, that’s another thing. How stupid was I, ‘di ba? But also, really, I wanted (a photo of) my gremlins, of the four (her kids). Wala akong makita na picture nila na wala ang daddy nila but then, pagka-post ko, ‘OMG, mukha akong tanga, ba’t ‘ko pinost, putol ‘yung asawa ko!” Cuneta said.

The incident prompted Cuneta to reflect on her social media behavior, emphasizing the importance of exercising caution and deliberation before sharing content online. 

Despite their occasional disagreements, Cuneta stressed that she and Pangilinan, like any other couple, resolve their conflicts. (JTSantos)