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Through a Looking Glass (Alice H. Reyes): I go to party

On April 13,2024, my friend, Goya Lasat Navarrete, celebrated her birthday  in South San Francisco, with family and friends in attendance.

      Bad weather had caused a change in venue from her daughter Joy’s  place in El Cerrito to the Hilton Hotel.

       The invitation to the party was for 1:30 P.M.  and for the most part, the guests came on time.

       The atmosphere was festive, the food was delicious,the music from a two-piece band was enlivening and danceable.

     The  program opened with the prayer led by Fr. Art Albano who, like Fr. Rey Calibe, surprised me by their dancing with the birthday celebrant.

     The event was the celebration of the life of  Goya, civic leader, activist, philanthropist, entrepreneur, wife and mother.

       Love was in the air as family and friends flocked to honor Goya  for a life well-lived.

       Among those present were Attorney General Rob Bonta, members of the Coalition against the Marcos Dictatorship (CAMDI), Ging Reyes of ABS-CBN, Lupita Aquino and Ken Kashiwahara, Atty. Ted Laguatan. Atty. Rodel Rodis, Francis Juliano, Lolit Vargas, Jane de Joya, members of the Lasat and Navarrete families.

    Goya’s  husband Danny and their children, Joy and Rex Navarrete, two-time Aliw Best stand-Up Comedian awardee,saw to it that everyone was  entertained.

     The party was a once-in-a-lifetime  event, one forever etched in the memories  of all who were present, myself included.

       The party ended with Rex and Joy thanking all who had taken time to join in the celebration of their  mother’s  special day.

       The pleasure was ours, Rex! Long live  Goya Navarrete!


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