Through a Looking Glass (Alice H. Reyes): On Blue Zones

Twenty years ago,  a group of  geographic explorers led by Dan Buettner, identified regions in the world where people claimed to live longer than the average age.

     They drew blue circles on the world map where such areas were located and called them “blue zones”.

       What were these blue zones that they discovered?

       These were found in Okinawa, Loma Linda , Sardinia,  Icaria in Greece and Singapore..

      Buettner’s group wanted to find out  why and how people in the blue zones got to live to be a hundred and more.

      In the five  Blue Zones, Buettner  discovered the secrets for longevity, which he hoped Americans could learn.

     How was it possible for the people in the five Blue Zones to live to be a hundred?

     Many factors contributed to the longevity, including the right diet , exercise while working, relaxation, minimum stress, purpose in life, faith and community.

      Buettner’s findings showed a number of Blue Zones that are isolated with the exception of Singapore, a modern city state, which is preparing for the growth of the number of centenarians.

    Probably there are Blue Zones in other parts of the world that Buettner’s group has not visited.

     For now, the results of Buettner’s group should inspire their fellow Americans to improve their lives and live longer.

     So you want to live to be a hundred? Check out the Blue Zones!


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