Through A Looking Glass (Alice H Reyes): Rain

Raindrops falling on my roof transport me to a time in my youth when life was oh so carefree!

     Back in the day, at our cul-de-sac street named Minerva, Aviles, we used to welcome the rain  and played under it. When the street was flooded, we built rafts from banana tree trunks and sailed up and down Minerva. It did not matter that our homes were filled with water from the Pasig River!

       Rain brought me closer to my mother. After a heavy downpour, we would take a bus and go around Manila. I never wondered or asked why.

      Rain is a welcome thing for me, especially at dusk, when it thankfully drowns the chirping of the cicadas, which always fills me with gloom.

      As a mother with growing children, I used to go  out under the rain when the rain was heavy . We never worried about getting pneumonia or   some other illness!

      Children used to chant: “ Rain, rain, go away, come another day!”. Not us! We loved the rain!

        Today, with the effects of climate change, rain is a most welcome occurrence ,It is what the hungry  soil and plants need. It is what fills our dams that serve the populace.

        Too much of it, however, could do harm .

         I remember being stranded on Espana, after the taxi driver refused to go any  further due to the   flooded street. It took me hours to get home, after the flood water had subsided. My guardian angel  must  have been watching over me then, for I got safely home

        Rain indeed can be a blessing or a curse.

        Luckily for me, rain  has always been a good thing, a time to thank he Almighty  for the blessings in my life.

       So let the rains come,  but dear Lord, not for too long!