THROUGH A LOOKING GLASS (Alice H. Reyes): Thinking of Boots Anson

 Last month, the Aliw Awards Foundation honored Boots Anson Rodrigo with its Legacy Award at its 36th Awards Night held at the Centennial Hall of the prestigious Manila Hotel.

 I never wondered until now why she was called Boots. If I recall correctly, she was Elisa Anson when she was my student at the Assumption on Herran.

 Boots was tall for her age, which was why she was given the role of St. Joseph in a Christmas presentation in my class.

 It was not surprising that years later, she joined the movie industry. She was, after all, the daughter of matinee idol Oscar Moreno.

 I learned that after high school, Boots went to the University of the Philippines for her college studies.

 Boots went on to have a successful movie career, and it was during that period in her life that we reconnected.

 I used to invite Boots to host the Friday Celebrity Nights at the National Press Club, where she never failed to mention that I was once her teacher.

 She was also a judge of the Aliw Awards several times. Boots never declined any invitation of mine.

 Last month, she greeted me with the words: “ Hello, Teacher!” and I am sure if the Legacy awardees  had been given a chance to talk, she would have mentioned the fact again.

 Boots was cited for her body of work in the movie and live entertainment fields and for her support of the members of the movie industry through the Mowelfund which she heads.

Now, as I think of the tall and lovely, intelligent  girl that Boots Anson was when she was my student,  I am truly proud of what she has made of her life.