Through a looking glass (Alice H. Reyes): What makes a happy house

I have often heard that a happy  wife is a happy life.

I used to think that was true,until someone corrected me and said it should be “a happy spouse is happy house.”
Soon after, I heard the same thing from TV talk show hosts Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, who have been married over 2 decades.

The “happy wife” statement used to hold ttue, I believe,before women gained the equality they sought.

Today, women have come  a long way. They hold positions hitherto reserved for men, they are  electd to public office, they share equal responsibility for maintaining  the family home.

When I think of unhappy  couples , I recall what my mentor, Fr. James B. Reuter used to say about marriage, which should not be a 50-50 proposition. It should be a 100-100 percent thing, he said, where both should be willing to give 100 percent to the union.

It should NOT be “quid quo pro” , where one says “I’ll be nice to you if you are nice to me.”

A happy spouse radiates happiness, resulting in a happy house.

When a spouse comes home,from wherever he or she has been, wouldn’t it be wonderful if he or she could be
welcomed with open arms?

Spouses should keep in mind what makes their spouses happy and act accordingly.

That way, happiness lies.

Yes indeed, a happy spouse will make a happy house!