THROUGH A LOOKING GLASS (Alice Hernandez Reyes): Change is inevitable

In our philosophy classes at the Assumption,  we used to be told: “You never cross the same river twice.”

This meant that nothing ever remains the same.  Change is inevitable.

For example, two people in the throes  of love in their youth  should not expect that the love they have will remain the same forever.

Time and circumstance will most definitel;y change that!

Couples should not presume that the love they feel towards each other is

Constant. Love will grow or wane, depending on how one nurtures it.

Friends should not take each other or granted. Like love, friendships need to be handled with care and consideration.

Children who used to be submissive to their elders will change as they mature and gain their independence.Parents should be ready to accept such changes.

In politics, it is wise to remember that “there are no permanent friends,only   permanent interests”.Change IS inevitable!

.    The older generation needs to accept the inevitability of change , with the advances in technology, medicine and science. Senior citizens., much as they dislike it, must  accept  the new ways as part of their lives. .

Though change is inevitable, the stability of society requires that there are   values and traditions that must be preserved.

Young and old  hopefully will accept such a reality.

WE must all keep in mind, however, that change for the better is  always welcome. Change for the sake of changing is not!