Through a Looking Glass: Leonor ‘Bobby’ Cleofas making history at MWSS

Leonor Cleofas, known to friends as “Bobby” , made MWSS history when she was appointed MWSS  Administrator in October, 2021.

            She became the first female head of the government agency  mandated to provide  potable water supply, which is adequate,  reliable and sustainable as well as sewerage  services to Metro Manila, the provinces of  Rizal and Bulacan and parts of Cavite.

          I remember Bobby Cleofas from my stint at the MWSS as its Public Affairs head. She was the reliable, right hand assistant of then Engineering Department Manager Macra Cruz. She was a petite and charming and ever efficient employee who, I thought then, would go far.

          After I left the MWSS in 2002, I lost touch with my former co-employees, especially  those outside the Public Affairs Department. Recently,I was pleasantly surprised and glad to hear that fortune had smiled on Bobby Cleofas and that she indeed now heads the MWSS.

           Bobby Cleofas is a Civil Engineer , the only Career Executive  Officer with the rank of CESO in the MWSS.

           Her journey , rising from the ranks, is remarkable. Her dedication and hard work ,after 41 years in the agency ,has borne fruit. Before her latest appointment, she was appointed  Deputy Administrator   for Engineering and Technical Services and  Deputy Administrator for  Administration, Finance and support services.

         People who have worked with her know her to be  passionately driven and innovative, assets suited for a leader.  She is also firm in making decisions , only after thorough  risk assessment , using her technical skills and experience.

          Since MWSS is the asset owner , Bobby Cleofas interacts daily with the MWSS Regulatory Office and the two  concessionaires, Manila Water Company and Maynilad Water Services.

        As MWSS Administrator, she plays a vital role in  numerous major projects such as  the Angat Water Supply Optimization Project, the Umiray-Angat Transbasin project,  the Angat Water Utilization and  Aqueduct Improvement Project,    the Bulacan Bulk Water Supply Project, the Angat Water Supply Transmission Project,  the Kaliwa Dam project,  the Bigte-Novaliches  Aqueduct No. 7  Project, the Ipo Dam 3 project and the proposed Long Term  Water Service Phase 11  of the NCWS-Kaliwa Project , which will  secure the availability and sustainability of  the water supply for the MWSS  area for the next 50 years.

          All the above projects are what keep the energetic lady Administrator on her toes, day in and day out.

           I am truly proud of MWSS Administrator Bobby Cleofas, who has reached the pinnacle of success, in the agency which she loves and which  has become her home. 

            Belated congratulations, Bobby!