THROUGH A LOOKING GLASS: On corruption in government

         By Alice H. Reyes

       In my secluded room in Vacaville, California, USA, sadly  I have heard disturbing rumors of corruption in the land of my birth .

         Not one to believe everything I hear ,  I need to sift through the grain to get to the truth .

         Until such time as I have positive proof of such corruption from objective parties, I  cannot in conscience accept the accusations as Gospel truth.

         I have lived  under the terms of  11 Presidents , from President Manuel L. Quezon to President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and there has always been talk of corruption in government. I have heard about candidates’ vote-buying from the recipients of cash from them, huge commissions gained by government officials for contracts with government, bribery of top government officials  in the three branches of government,  and I grieve for my beloved country.

         I do not believe that such acts of graft and corruption, however,  are applicable only to the Philippines!

         What is the root of corruption ? Also, is corruption in government inevitable?

           These are questions that only the truly sincere and patriotic citizens of the land can find answers to.

           Corruption, I believe, starts  in the home where children of crooked politicians , ensconced in wealth and power, aspire to follow in their parents’ footsteps. Education could stem corruption, but can go only so far. The bottom line is the need to inculcate a sense of morality and  to acquire the ability to differentiate between right and wrong, which the teaching of religion  could very well address.

               As to the inevitability of corruption in government, I continue to hope that there are still a number ol  good and honest, God-fearing  public officials who could make a difference by standing up and against their corrupt peers.

             Ultimately, the solution to stop  corruption lies in the hands of the Filipino people who deserve the government they get and who, therefore, must vote into power ONLY  the truly deserving candidates, who are motivated not by their lust for wealth and power, but by their genuine concern for the people they are duty-bound to serve!

             I pray that the current powers that be in the Philippines will  see to it that the rumors will be put to rest   by stemming the tide of corruption, if  THE RUMORS PROVE TO BE TRUE!

             May that day come soon!