THROUGH A LOOKING GLASS: This thing called faith

By Alice H. Reyes

Faith is a wondrous thing.

It can move mountains,  figuratively speaking,  it can change
defeat into victory, it can change minds and hearts.

Lately, I have been thinking of people I know or heard about
who have survived the deadly Big C for years, strengthened by their
faith in the Almighty.

I have utmost admiration for three women I know whose faith
has kept them whole:  Joey Albert, Aliw’s Best Filipino Performer
based Abroad, Goya Navarrete, a family friend, and Kara Magsanoc
Alikpala , daughter of the late journalist  Letty Jimenez Magsanoc.,
all cancer survivors.

I remember being told  about how Iligan City in Mindanao was
saved from the onslaught of Muslim marauders centuries ago , through
the power of prayer and faith.

Miracles  attributed to faith have been witnessed at Lourdes,
France and  Fatima, Portugal  as well as other parts of the world.

Faith has sustained me all my life.  It has helped me overcome
seemingly insurmountable challenges,  ignore my detractors,  survive
losses of those dear to me, accept defeats . Faith has kept me sane.

Faith can make the impossible possible.  Even the hardest of
hearts can melt, if one has faith that such coukl happen.

I cannot imagine life without faith: faith in the kindness of
human beings, faith in one’s ability to rise from defeat, faith in the
goodness and mercy in God.

What do YOU think, dear readers?